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Healthy Spaces Wellness Spa & Water Bar provides deep healing with a time-tested and attractive therapy.

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Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is near and dear to Diane Bays, owner of Healthy Spaces Wellness Spa & Water Bar in West Linn, Oregon. Fed up with her own lingering chronic pain following an accident, Bays searched for a natural remedy for years before she discovered magnetic therapies. This form of energy medicine has been practiced for thousands of years around the world, from China to ancient Egypt (think Cleopatra, whose elaborate metal headdresses were thought to keep her healthy and youthful). The theory is that that when body parts come into contact with magnetic fields, blood flow is stimulated and the body’s self-healing process is energized. “It’s like a whole-body battery charger,” Bays says.

After finding relief through magnetic therapy, Bays decided to bring the healing method to her clients with PEMF therapy in the form of a mat containing copper coils that create energy fields to address everything from chronic and acute pain to issues with sleep, endurance and vitality. Clients visit Healthy Spaces to use the infrared sauna, jade massage bed, whole-body vibration platform and chi vitalizer; drink and purchase antioxidant-rich, alkaline-ionized water meant to balance and oxygenate the body; and most notably, receive PEMF sessions.

“Much to our surprise, the PEMF system [from MediConsult,] paid for itself in the first three weeks,” says Bays, who is also a distributor for the system. Her long-range goal is to create a program in which guests can pay a monthly fee, book the time and equipment, and use it without assistance. She’d also like to purchase PEMF units available for rental.

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