Spa Wellness: Protein Power

Industry leaders riff about the importance of proteins in healthy skin and how building blocks like amino acids and peptides enhance skincare treatments.

Protein Power
“Proteins are the workhorses of the skin,” declares Christine Heathman, CEO and president of GlyMed Plus ( “Keratin, melanin, collagen, elastin, gelatin – you talk about them all the time but may not know these common skin elements are actually proteins. They give structure to cells, control the flow of materials from cell to cell, regulate gene function, transmit signals from the cell surface to the organelles and mitochondria inside the cells, and move molecules from one work site to another.”

“Protein is the second most abundant molecule in the body (water is first),” adds April Zangl, CEO and co-formulator of HydroPeptide (

Although the average person isn’t aware that proteins are the key to skin health, skincare professionals need to be. “Understanding the structure of the skin helps to better care for it, to prevent things like sensitive skin or dermatitis, which are simply signs that the skin is out of balance,” says Heathman. “Putting the protein system back in order is the fundamental goal of any esthetician.”

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