Skin Care Boosts Self-Esteem

Recent studies show that the benefits of skincare products could expand into the psychological realms.



There might be more to using sunscreen and anti-aging skin products than just protecting the skin—researchers at the University of Alabama at Birmingham say this type of regimen boosts a person’s self-esteem as well.

Researchers have found that some skin rituals that adults use to improve their aging skin—such as applying a nightly retinol cream or seeking professional skin resurfacing or tightening services—also have a psychological impact.

According to Marian Northington, MD, director of UAB Cosmetic Dermatology, people who had fillers reported they felt they made a better first impression, and also felt better about themselves and happier with their lives.

However, researchers do caution those looking to slow down their aging appearance to be realistic about their expectations, and to keep things in perspective. Josh Klapow, PhD, psychologist and associate professor in the UAB School of Public Health, says that while a person’s outward appearance can have an impact on their self-esteem, they need more than just that to keep it boosted.

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