Industry Experts Weigh In on Facial Hair Removal

waxing[Image: Getty Images]The experts share their best advice for serving and retaining facial hair removal clients.

Estheticians are entrusted with one of clients’ most important assets—their appearance—and that isn’t a responsibility to be taken lightly. Just one wrong call in your pretreatment skin analysis or postprocedural product choice can lead to unsightly results, and spell disaster for your referral-dependent business.

When it comes to facial hair removal, there’s no margin for error. Unlike hair removal services performed on the body, the results of face work are there for everyone to see. Plus, facial skin tends to be more complex. “The face is an area with unique concerns,” says Deborah Merhar, founder of Relax and Wax. “Your client may have thin or hypersensitive skin, capillary issues, rosacea, acne or a combination of these.”

Given these realities, we asked leaders in the hair removal sector to share their tips on how to ensure consistently flawless outcomes and satisfied customers for all of your facial hair removal services.

Lydia Sarfati: Founder and president Repêchage: “With a little creativity, waxing can be transformed into a relaxing spa experience. Prior to the service, perform a quick shiatsu massage and guide the client through deep breathing techniques to reduce tension. For a longer session, the client should be comfortably situated, with their own selection of music playing. You can even offer a soothing, hydrating facial mask post-wax.”

Susanna DiSotto Director of marketing Satin Smooth: “Consultation and customization are standard for the true professional. Whether for waxing or spa treatments, understanding an individual’s skin type, condition and the elements that affect them is the first step in creating customized treatments. Knowing that a professional waxer will address individual considerations during the service, and recommend additional products, services and home care is the way to build loyalty and increase your bottom line.”

Deborah Merhar Founder Relax and Wax: “There are many individual factors to consider before performing facial waxing. I give myself extra time for a new client because I don’t know what I’m going to be dealing with. An elderly guest, for instance, is more apt to have thin skin, which may cause lifting. She’s also more likely to be taking medications that can affect results. Be aware of which medications tend to thin the skin or increase the risk of trauma. Ask questions, and don’t be afraid to do a patch test or even to say no to providing the service.”

Barry Eichner  Digital media strategy consultant PFB Vanish: “The technician must verify that the client isn’t using any products that are contraindicated for waxing. Prescription retinoids and strong exfoliants, such as glycolic acid, should be stopped a week before the service. The client should also be instructed to avoid the sun for 48 hours prior to their appointment.”

Lydia Jordane Founder LYCON Precision Waxing: “For the face, we always recommend using a hard (hot) wax, which is best for addressing all types of facial hair—from very fine and soft to dense and coarse —of any length. A high-quality hard wax will allow you to reapply on the same area many times, to make sure all hairs are removed.”

Normajean Fusco President and CEO Equibal Labs/Nufree Nudesse finipil: “Facial hair removal is a precise technique, so go slowly and apply your hair removal product carefully. Take the time to review both eyebrows before you start removing hair. Remember that they’re sisters— not twins! And follow manufacturers’ instructions; don’t mix and match products and procedures.”

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