Aki Lashes Infinite Lash Adhesive

Aki Lashes Infinite Adhesive Np

Infinite Lash Adhesive has a precision drop technology that helps lashes last for six to seven weeks. This adhesive has .03 mL dispensed per drop, and it is crafted with an anti-dust and anti-water feature that extends the glue life. The color of the adhesive is black, and it has a one to two second drying time. 

“The idea for this product came from all of the lash industry professionals who have been searching for a new and professional use adhesive. The new ‘Infinite Adhesive’ is specifically designed just for them...The Infinite Adhesive will be a time saver for lash artists and clients will love it for its long-lasting retention," said Aki Lashes founder, Eva Lam. 

310.935.4303, www.akilashes.com

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