Spa Pros Reveal the Best Treatments and Ingredients for Dry Skin

What hydrating services do you offer?

Hillary Manfredo, assistant spa director, Renu Medispa in Eagle, Idaho: We live in the high desert, so hydration is key for the majority of our clients. The ECHO2 Plus Oxygen Treatment Facial (60 min./$119) is a staff and client favorite. It combines enzymes and mineral solutions to plump and nourish skin cells—a great stand-alone service for promoting a radiant complexion, as well as go-to after care for laser, microneedling and chemical peel services. Our Renu Signature Facial (75 min./$135) exfoliates, cleanses, hydrates and nourishes the skin. It’s ideal for those looking to give their complexions a clean slate and fresh start, and also works for ongoing maintenance. We begin with either microdermabrasion or dermaplaning, depending on skin type, followed by an infusion using steam combined with hydrating and cleansing enzymes. The facial is completed with a moisturizing fruit modeling mask.

Maribel Lopez, director of spa, Four Seasons Los Angeles at Beverly Hills: In collaboration with iS CLINICAL, we recently launched the JetSet Refresh Facial (80 min./ $320) designed to supercharge skin post-flight for a healthier-looking complexion. The treatment begins with a complete lymphatic drainage face and décolleté massage to flush toxins wed by a series of masks—containing nourishing ingredients like glycolic acid, Atlantic algae, aloe and hyaluronic acid (HA)—that help brighten, smooth and hydrate dull, tired skin.

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Loren Kornreich, spa & fitness director, The Barn at Victory Ranch in Kansas, Utah: Our Fresh Hides (60min./$160; 90 min./$190) customized facial treatment features Yon-Ka Paris products and is perfectly suited to our very dry, high desert climate. Designed to replenish and saturate rough, dehydrated skin, this service utilizes contrast therapy techniques and a myriad of penetrating massage modalities. The Boot Straps Pedicure (60 min./$90) is aimed at healing parched feet, featuring Yon-Ka’s deeply hydrating Massage Candle Taiga (with shea and mango butter) and Huile Corps body oil to seal in moisture and protect against the elements.

Hydrating Products

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Which clients benefit most from these services?

Lopez: Hydrating services help plump fine lines in mature skin, and they can also reinvigorate any skin that appears dull.

Manfredo: I find that dehydration doesn’t tend to favor any specific skin type. I often see as much dehydration in a teenage client with acne as I do in a mature/dry skin type. There are so many internal and external factors to consider, such as the environment or climate, whether the guest is using or overusing harsh skincare ingredients, and lifestyle habits like smoking, drinking alcohol or consuming too much caffeine. Any of these can contribute to dry, dull, itchy, flaky or rough skin, so hydrating treatments are really suitable for anyone looking to improve their skin tone and texture.

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What skin care should be used between services to avoid dry skin?

Kornreich: Lotion Yon-Ka is most popular at our spa, as it’s an essential oil emulsion toner that balances and hydrates every skin type. Other standouts include the brand’s overnight moisturizing Masque No. 1, and the HA-rich Hydra No. 1 Serum and Cream. Lopez: For everyday use, a liquid form of HA should be paired with guests’ usual moisturizer. Regular exfoliation with a fruit enzyme and a beta hydroxy acid mask once or twice a week, followed by a hydrating HA mask, is ideal for maintaining optimal skin moisture.

Manfredo: Hydrated skin starts at home! Using appropriate products on a daily basis is key. First, make sure cleansers are mild and formulated specifically for the face—so many clients seeking help for dry skin are using harsh, oil-stripping cleansers. Serums and/or moisturizers should contain ingredients that will help draw in moisture as well as retain it: HA, lipids, collagen, linoleic acid, and jojoba or other plant oils. Exfoliating alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) can also greatly improve skin’s hydration level: Glycolic leaves skin’s surface glowing, lactic is ideal for sensitive skin, and mandelic hydrates and brightens any skin type.

–by Laura Waldon

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