SPA SERVICES: Comprehensive Body Contouring Protocols



Check out several multifaceted methods—ranging from wraps to infrared light—to help clients shed inches and sleeken up for summer.

With June just around the corner, everyone is keen to feel and look their best. Spas can play a crucial role in the pursuit of smokin’ silhouettes via a range of services and equipment aimed to help slim, smooth and blast cellulite. Here, DAYSPA presents simple body contouring services, as well as equipment-based protocols, from spas around the country that have positioned themselves as clients’ swimsuit season saviors. —By Tracy Morin


Definitions Skincare

Body Slimming & Smoothing Treatment

featuring products by Definitions Skincare

Spa: The Spa at Manchester, Manchester, TN
• Cleanse entire body using warm towel. Massage Resurfacing Body Polish into dry skin and remove with warm towel.
• Massage client with Vanilla Massage Oil.
• Apply Thermal Lipocyte Melting Mask to body, using hands. Cocoon client with sheets or thermal wrap and, if desired,additional blankets. Leave on 15 minutes, then remove product thoroughly with moist towels.
• Massage Anti-Cellulite Crème onto entire body as a finishing treatment.

Why clients love it: “Guests have experienced improvements in their body tone, as well as reductions in dimpling, slack skin and stretch marks—some after a single treatment,” reports spa owner Michelle Valeri.



Aromatic Body Treatment

featuring products by Guinot

Spa: European Touch Day Spa, Winston-Salem, NC
• Apply Body Contouring Lotion, smoothing lightly over treatment areas. Cleanse with damp cloths and dry.
• Perform anti-cellulite sculpting massage, using Anti-Cellulite Detoxifying Oil.
• Apply a thick, even layer of Refining Saunamask. Wrap client in plastic sheet and cover with towel. After 15 minutes, remove mask.
• Apply moisturizing bodycare product.

Why clients love it: “The experience is indulgent and luxurious, offering excellent results in cellulite reduction,” raves spa owner Danuta Olejarczyk. “Clients say they experience reduction in water retention, as well as tighter-, firmer- and smoother-looking skin.”


Courtesy Spa Belle Vie

Detox Slimming Body Wrap

featuring products by M’lis

Spa: Spa Belle Vie, San Francisco
• Apply Buff Body Exfoliator to the thoracic valve area, and from ankles, working up client’s torso to her arms.
• Using upward sweeping motions in the same sequence, remove product with a dry hand towel.
• Using Body Contour Progress Chart, take measurements at 11 points on client’s body.
• Repeat above application sequence with Contour Cream.
• Wrap waist, buttocks, legs, chest and shoulders in plastic film. Allow client to relax for about 60 minutes.
• Cut client out of wrap. Remeasure and calculate inch-loss results.

Why clients love it: “They see and experience cellulite reduction as well as slimmer waists, hips and thighs,” say Sharon Vendle and Emilka Kopec, Spa Belle Vie’s co-owners. “Clients become relaxed, and feel healthier knowing they’re flushing toxins and increasing their energy for days afterward, too.”



Sothys Signature Slimming Treatment

featuring products by Sothys

Spa: A Touch of Health Day Spa, Pleasanton, CA
• Moisten hands with water and exfoliate using Slimming Peeling Wrap. Have client lie back on thermoplastic film and continue exfoliating body from a face-up position (bend knees to get backs of thighs/glutes). Remove remaining sheet from under client’s legs so they rest on thermoplastic film.
• Wrap client in thermoplastic film, followed by a heating blanket, and allow her to rest 10 minutes before rinsing under a shower.
• Position client face-down and apply Cellulite Body serum to affected areas using vigorous effleurage movements, followed by cupping techniques.
• Massage with Targeted Modelling Fluid.
• Have client turn over and repeat process to front of body.
• Apply Enhancer Body Serum and Essential 24 Body Cream, or Reshaping Body Cream, as needed.

Why clients love it: “Skin’s texture and tone are visibly improved, and guests feel more confident and energized; they notice that their clothes fit better!” shares spa owner Veronica Horton.


AquaVie Day Spa

Body Redesign Treatment
featuring products by Fleur’s

Spa: AquaVie Day Spa, Salt Lake City, UT
• Exfoliate front and back of body with Delight Scrub Flower and Fruit, focusing on waist-to-knee area. Rinse in shower, or with hot towels.
• Mix Self-Heating Sculpting Complex powder with water. Apply a thick layer of mixture to exfoliated area, and wrap with micron foil.
• Cover client with towel. Perform scalp or hand massage for 15 to 20 minutes before rinsing off product.
• Perform full-body massage with Contouring Massage Balm, using intensive techniques such as rolling, kneading and pinching.
• Apply Contouring Perfection cream to treated areas.

Why clients love it: “Guests adore the enchanting aroma of flowers and fruit, and of course appreciate the contouring effect!” notes AquaVie Day Spa owner Anneli Johnson.


Provence Cosmetics

Bioslimming Wrap

featuring products by Provence Cosmetics

Spa: Eastlake Rejuvenation Center, Chula Vista, CA
• Massage Detox Base, Active Slim Gel and Active Slim Cream into areas of concern, and cover client with clear plastic wrap.
• Allow client to lie beneath a blanket for 30 to 40 minutes. (For a first-time treatment, add an extra 15 minutes.)
• Remove product and firmly massage Ultra Slim Effect into treated areas.
• Advise client to wait two to four hours before showering or bathing.

Why clients love it: “This treatment’s slimming effects have helped increase traffic, profit and—most importantly—happy, loyal clients who continue to spread the word,” explains Kathleen Rocca, paramedical/clinical esthetician at Eastlake Rejuvenation Center.



Cellu-Smooth Green Coffee Wrap Treatment

featuring products by Pevonia

Spa: Calming Waters Spa, Kingsland, GA
• Mix ½ cup Micronized Green Coffee Powder with ½ cup warm water, creating a creamy blend.
• Massage a small amount of Cellulite Activating Gel into cellulitic areas, applying quickly and washing hands immediately—and thoroughly—afterward.
• Gently massage Green Coffee Concentrate into treated areas until completely absorbed.
• Add 1 ounce hot water to prepared Green Coffee mixture. Wearing rubber gloves, evenly apply mixture all over client’s body.
• Wrap client in a plastic sheet, space blanket and wool blanket. Slightly elevate client’s head and place knee roll under knees. Place small, cold towel on forehead.
• After 20 minutes, open wrap and have client rinse off and
• Massage cellulitic areas using generous quantity of Smooth & Tone Body-Svelt Cream, until completely absorbed into skin.
• Apply Tension Relief Gel to client’s back and calves, and Preserve Body Moisturizer over remaining areas of her body.

Why clients love it: “It slims and tones thanks to a cutting-edge cellulite treatment that stimulates the body’s ability to break down fat, increases metabolism and eliminates water retention,” reports Zita Szatmari, a Calming Waters massage therapist.


Universal Companies

The Ultimate Shrink Wrap

featuring products by Anesi Parfango (Universal Companies)

Spa: Spa Gregorie’s, Newport Beach, CA
• Weigh client and take measurements above the knee, mid-thigh and upper thigh.
• Apply light coat of Cremfoliant onto treatment area. Wait 1 minute, then gently rub area using circular motions. Once the product has dried, dust off any remaining granules with a tissue.
• Using a dropper, remove liquid from the desired serum ampoule and apply to cellulitic spots using gentle massage motions until product is absorbed.
• Stir and apply Parafango over treatment area in a crosshatch pattern, using a body brush.
• Tightly wrap plastic film around treatment area four times. Cover client with a wool or heated blanket, and allow her to rest 20 minutes before removing covers and film.
• Remove Parafango from
treatment area.
• Apply desired thermo-active cream, using gentle, upward strokes.
• Measure client again, recording her measurements.

Why clients love it: “It’s ideal for clients seeking treatment that detoxifies, moisturizes and promotes water-weight loss,” says Spa Gregorie’s director, Carmel Abbgy. “The warm, cocoon-like mud wrap is such a relaxing and enjoyable experience.”


Pure Light Slim

Pure Light Slim Treatment

by Pure Light Slim

Spa: Pure Flow, with multiple locations in New York
Selling Point: Red LED light opens fat cells, helping their contents to be absorbed by the lymphatic system, and naturally eliminated.
How it works:
• Place 8 pads directly onto affected areas. (Pure Light Slim pads can be positioned on any body part for spot reduction, and to smooth cellulite.)
• After 15 minutes, remove pads. Repeat every or every other day; clients require between 8 and 12 sessions, depending on the severity of cellulite.

Why clients love it: “It has surpassed my expectations for noninvasive body sculpting,” reports Pure Flow Spas owner Roger Moenks. “It also offers an impressive adjunctive treatment for patients who want to lose inches without any pain or downtime.”


Belleza & Beauty

UltraCavitation, Radiofrequency and Pressotherapy Treatment

by Belleza & Beauty

Spa: D’Gala Clinic, Phoenix
Selling Point: After a series of 6 to 12 treatments, this combination of ultracavitation and radiofrequency offers noninvasive fat and cellulite reduction.
• Gently exfoliate targeted region (abdominal, thighs and/or arms) to open pores and prepare skin for detox.
• Perform cellulite treatment with Radiofrequency unit for 20 minutes per body area (10 minutes for the face).
• Complete body detox with Pressotherapy, Infrared and Electro Muscle Stimulator—air pressure and infrared treatments applied simultaneously for 30 minutes, followed by 30 minutes with the Electro Muscle Stimulator.

Why clients love it: “It’s high-quality equipment that can be tailored to suit my guests’ individual concerns,” says D’Gala Clinic owner Maria Galavi. “I’ve increased clientele so much with these treatments that I’ve had to expand to a bigger location!”


Skin Blends Spa

iWrap Infrared Weight Loss and Cellulite System

by Onyx Medical

Spa: Skin Blends Spa, Nixa, MO
Selling Point: Infrared rays heat body fat, increasing metabolic rate, drawing out lactic acid and flushing toxins and excess fluids.
• Wrap four individual bands around localized areas (this causes metabolic rate to rise, through a process called Thermogenic Response).
• Allow client to rest for 45 minutes. Offer a fan to keep her cool. An elevated body temperature also triggers a cooling response, which uses energy from fat in the treated areas to cool the body. (This energy drain helps reduce fat and contour the area.)

Why clients love it: “It’s a simple, hands-free treatment that leaves the clients looking and feeling great,” raves spa owner Kathleen Carney. “Treatments can be done twice per week, and results are immediate!”


La Bella Spa

Infrared Photo Pneumatic Massage

featuring the WAVE 4 by Silhouet-Tone

Spa: La Bella Spa, Merritt Island, FL
Selling Point: After body peeling or exfoliation, this massage improves circulation and loosens bands of connective tissue around these fat deposits that cause skin dimpling. Meanwhile, the Infrared 900nm energy heats skin from within, rendering it more pliable and receptive to the rolling action, which also aids in fat release.
• Apply Wave Meso-Esthetic gel over targeted region and use Meso electrodes to slowly massage treatment area with Transdermal Meso Delivery. (The noninvasive treatment is delivered through a sequence of electrical waveforms that help infuse natural, fat-dissolving substances into fatty layers.)
• Apply Wave “U” ultrasound gel onto target areas, then work ultrasound transducer using slow, circular and linear movement. Do not exceed 5 minutes per treated area. (Ultrasound heats the dermis in its protein layers, increasing collagen production and restoring tissue elasticity.)
• Remove gel using warm, moist towel, and end treatment with a light manual massage using slimming or firming cream.

Why Clients Love It: “With this system, a therapist can customize protocols for body slimming, cellulite smoothing and skin firming using just one device, which is tremendous for our bottom line,” explains La Bella spa director Joseph D. Mandato. “Not only do WAVE 4 programs offer noninvasive and progressive results, but the sessions are very relaxing—without downtime or side effects.”

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