Lydia Sarfati and Bowie Salon Host ‘Beauty Myth or Truth?’ Event

repechage-beauty-myth[Image: Courtesy of Repechage]Repêchage founder and CEO Lydia Sarfati joined Seattle-based Stacie Bowie and Scott McHugh, co-owners of Bowie Salon and Spa, for an entertaining and educational evening focused on skin care and beauty. More than 75 guests, including clients, members of the media and beauty influencers, attended the event to learn about news and trends in skin care and beauty from Sarfati, who’s also a master esthetician and chairman of CIDESCO Section USA.

“The event was a huge success with a packed house and smiling faces excited to learn and celebrate,” said Bowie and McHugh. “It’s the biggest turn out we’ve ever had for an event like this and the feedback from clients was phenomenal! We sold more in a few hours that we do in a normal month!”

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In addition, Sarfati’s presentation “Beauty Myth or Truth?” debunked skincare misconceptions to answer common questions from clients, including:
· Will facials cause me to break out?
· Do I need sunscreen in the winter?
· Do all chemical peels hurt?
· Can drinking alcohol cause dark spots?
· Do I need a serum if I use a moisturizer?
· Do face masks really work?

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“We originally brought Repêchage into the salon because of the passion that Lydia has for skin care, her proven systems and high quality products,” said Bowie and McHugh. “Lydia and her team helped us see the vision of the event and wow our clients to produce a successful night both in dollars and bringing value to our clients.”

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