[SPECIAL OFFER] 5 Ways to Create Flawless Makeup, Starting with Beautiful Skin

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Great skincare is the foundation for great makeup, helping create the perfect canvas for natural makeup to full-on glam.

We want our clients to look and feel their most beautiful. When working with a client, do they ever mention their skin or issues they are having with their skin? Perhaps they are bothered with pesky lines and wrinkles or have sensitive skin that is constantly irritated?

Introduce clients to M.A.D Skincare’s 5 Discovery Kits, providing a solution to your clients, not a sales pitch. These pre-packaged kits include a powerful combination of 4 targeted products to meet specific skincare needs.

Meet M.A.D Discovery Kits

Let your clients know about M.A.D Discovery Kits and at the same time, increase your revenue.

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Discover Anti-Aging: Rejuvenates the appearance of youthful skin & tackles the signs of aging such as wrinkles & fine lines.

Discover Brighter Skin: Promotes a more youthful, brighter glow to dull, tired skin and uneven skin tone. Ideal to help fade age spots.

Discover Delicate Care: Skin will feel calmed & soothed with this powerful combination of gentle products. Helps calm redness and irritation.

Discover Defense: The environment’s more damaging to skin than ever before. Help fight the environmental aggressors & prevent skin premature and accelerated aging.

Discover Breakout Control: Clarify your complexion. Tackles blemishes, helps prevent future breakouts, keeps pores clear and protects your skin, leaving it clean & clear.

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It only takes a few minutes, and you will be a step away from your unique skin care routine. Head to www.mad-skincare.com


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M.A.D Skincare blends the best science and nature have to offer addressing individual skin concerns, delivering maximum benefits with the most advanced, potent skin care products designed for your client’s skin.   

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