Slow the Aging Process with Proven LED Red Light Technology from Mask Worx


LED Light Therapy from Mask Worx is an advanced skin- and hair-care treatment that delivers proven results, available directly from cfmaskworx.com.

Red light therapy LED rays penetrate the subcutaneous layer of the skin to help encourage blood circulation; this treatment works so well that many call it “The Light of Youth!” Our low-level laser therapy product is the No. 1 red light therapy product for skin rejuvenation and skin improvement on the market today because it delivers proven, noticeable and sustainable results using the highest quality materials and best practices in manufacturing available.

Here are a few reasons Mask Worx is superior to many of the less expensive models you may have seen online or even at trade shows:

1. The Number of LEDs. We use 360 LED lights, versus other products that use only 69 or 120.
2. Our LEDs come from the U.S. and are the highest quality and reliable ones available.
3. The mask covers the entire face and upper hairline to simultaneously treat skin and thinning hair.
4. We’re the only mask on the market to make the above dual purpose claim, and is patented.
5. The overall quality is from top manufacturing practices in South Korea.
6. The product is safe in terms of the lights and ergonomics.
7. You can breathe easy while wearing it, without worrying about visual loss or electronic waves.
8. We use reliable U.S. parts and a Korean manufacturer, versus others that are made in China with low-quality, short-life LEDs.


Mask Worx technology is effective in treating some of the most common skin conditions, including acne, rosacea, splotchy skin, and fine lines and wrinkles—with the added benefit of addressing thinning hair on the frontal lobe.

Mask Worx is the first product of its kind using advanced LED red light skin therapy, which works in the three light attenuation zones effective in skin and hair treatment, so there is no need to have various colors in the light therapy solution. Mask Worx integrates the most effective photo-biomodulation LED light ranges for a three-in-one package: 850 nm, 660 nm and 630 nm.

The product has had considerable success in Japan and South Korea, and is now available globally from cfmaskworx.com. The brand is initiating distribution to the spa industry, so order your Mask Worx today and receive free shipping and a personal gift. DAYSPA subscribers use promo code “dayspa” for a 30 percent discount.


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