A Guide to Incorporating Healing Crystals into Your Spa Space

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We often hear crystals referred to as “New Age,” but in truth, crystal healing is an ancient form of medicine. Since the dawn of time, people have been drawn to gemstones, using them in burial rites, divination practices, healing rituals, spiritual attunement, spatial alignment and as adornments reflecting wealth, power, beliefs or societal roles.

Crystal healing is woven into the threads of some of our most historic civilizations. The Mayans, Incas, ancient Egyptians, Australian Aborigines, Indigenous Americans, Celtic Druids and more all traditionally used crystals in their ritual practices, healing ceremonies and throughout the spaces they inhabited. Crystals can help restore the body and surrounding areas to its natural equilibrium, allowing for calibration on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. They provide a holistic, noninvasive, vibrationally based system of energetic healing.

Crystals all have different capabilities and powers. Certain stones are ideal for calming anxiety and tapping into your intuition, while others create a magnetic atmosphere for expressing creativity and encouraging abundance to walk through the door.

Sparkly crystals, river rocks, polished stones or faceted gems can be laid at precise locations on and around a person’s body or in a space to facilitate an energetic change. Yes—it’s totally valid to stick crystals in your bra, purse or pocket. They can also be placed in a crystal grid or arranged harmoniously together in a space like the home, office, backyard, closet—or spa—to absorb, defuse, direct, detoxify, focus and shift energies.

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Colleen McCann is the author of Crystals Rx and an energy stylist at Style Rituals, which she created to be a fun, sublime and practical experience to get grounded, heal issues, practice self-care, build better boundaries, tap into intuition and more. After straddling the fashion and wellness industries for 20 years, McCann developed her own brand of glamour magic by blending her experiences as a designer, stylist, brand consultant, healer, mentor, teacher, coach, author and serial entrepreneur.

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