Understanding the Traveling Consumer

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New Year, New You. This is what everybody says, right? Well, we are in 2022 and full of new experiences and challenges, thanks to Covid-19. Not only are we focused on the traditional ways of selling and stocking our shelves with retail like face creams and body treatments, but we’re thinking outside of the box and arming our clients with more nontraditional products, like beauty ingestibles, health supplements, spa drinks, teas, water and more.

We’re also providing more personalization when it comes to wellness, taking individual guests’ lifestyle habits and needs into account when creating the right programming for them.

There are three main reasons why people typically get sick: external/environmental aggressors, poor nutrition and stress. With that in mind, put yourself in the shoes of your traveling guests. How do they feel when they travel? What do they experience? Most importantly, how can you support their health goals and mitigate their risk of getting sick during trips?

As we move forward, travel will only increase—as will the demands that go with it. To answer the call, you must understand the physical and emotional needs of traveling guests, and then you will be able to stock the right products that will help them feel their best. Here is how you can support these clients and boost your retail product sales.

Travelers’ Needs

The most important human body clock is the circadian rhythm, the 24-hour internal clock in our brain that regulates cycles of alertness and sleepiness by responding to light changes in our environment. When people travel through more than two time zones, they experience jet lag due to the interruption of their circadian rhythm.

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Edyta Satchell, founder and CEO of Finelle.com, is a renowned corporate executive, speaker and wellness practitioner. A certified integrative nutrition health coach who has more than 20 years of global travel leadership experience, Satchell helps spas rejuvenate their revenue with customized, modern and comprehensive sales programs targeting frequent travelers.

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