6 Tips to be Authentic on Social Media

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Social media has quickly taken the world by storm, and it is only continuing to conquer in many industries. When it comes to presenting your spa brand on social media, coming off as fake or insincere is something to avoid. It can be a challenge to stand out and help clients understand how you’re unique while marketing the brand. As part of our ongoing quest to provide life coaching skills and share meaningful ideas, we’ve created the “Carruthers Wellness Wednesday” YouTube series to discuss how to create an authentic social media platform. Here are our top six tips.

1 Buy the right equipment. Although it may be tempting, expensive equipment is not necessary to create great social media posts. Smartphone footage can match polished 4K footage 80% of the time. Whether you’re curating your channel or working to improve it, don’t just think about what looks good, but consider what works for your brand. A mobile setup with a tripod and, in the case of video, a good microphone are your best investments when
it comes to necessities.

2 Make a plan. For videos, start by learning and understanding the format of beginning, middle and end. We recommend the book How to Shoot Video That Doesn’t Suck (Custom Productions, Inc. 2011) by Steven Stockman. It’s very helpful for cutting to the essence of a message. In most cases, people over-record and end up wasting valuable time editing footage that could have been much shorter to begin with. When you take the time to sit down and plan, you’ll be able to shoot exactly what you need and save a ton of time. That will make editing a lot faster, and your audience will love the concise content you produce.

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Marquetta Breslin, cofounder of Breslin Media Group, has been featured in Sophisticate’s Black Hair Magazine, Business 2.0 and CNNMoney.com, among others. Her custom lace wigs have graced celebrities, cancer patients, politicians and Hollywood feature films.

Andrew Carruthers, education director of Sam Villa, has worked in the salon industry for 17 years, taking part in salon ownership, photographic work, and personal and professional coaching. In his current role, he specializes in a wide variety of online and live education.

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