Prep Clients for Sandal Season With Top-Notch Pedicure Services

pedicure-services[Image: Getty Images]Summer is around the corner and clients will soon be sliding into pedi chairs with hopes of getting their toes in tip-top shape. But with run-of-the-mill nail salons offering pedicures at a fraction of your prices, it can be tempting to dial down your focus on foot services. The good news? Spas actually have a leg up on the competition: With relaxation and rejuvenation at the core of most protocols, nothing will get clients more excited than a luxury spa pedi packed with decadent touches—think hot stones, aromatherapy and hydrating mud masks to name a few. To help inspire you, we enlisted spa professionals from around the country to dish on their most popular offerings. Here, they share the details of their top-selling pedicures, along with business- boosting ideas to help your services stand out above the rest.

Spa Anjali at the Westin, Avon, Colorado

Riverstone Deluxe Pedicure – 75 min./$115

A nourishing mud mask and hot stones make this pedicure feel more like an indulgent spa treatment. Ideal for clients with tired, aching heels, this luxe service starts with a warm foot soak filled with mineral salts and essential oils, followed by an invigorating mineral mud and salt mask. “The mask detoxifies and polishes their skin,” explains spa director Ingrid Middaugh. After that exfoliation, the technician places small hot stones between each of the client’s toes, then applies a warm oil and rubs the calves with large hot stones to loosen up the muscles. Because hot stones serve as the cornerstone of this protocol, Middaugh believes extensive training is key. “We also recommend that technicians get the pedicure to see how it should feel,” she adds. When it comes to promoting the superior service, Middaugh says ongoing advertising campaigns in local papers and social media posts that highlight its benefits work best. She reports: “Our guests love the massage portion and often say it’s the most relaxing pedicure they’ve ever had.”

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Cenoté Day Spa at Bahama Bay Resort, Davenport, Florida

CND Marine Deluxe Pedicure – 60 min./$55

Aimed at reviving dry, sore feet, this ocean-inspired pedi delivers a dose of hydration—a major must during Florida’s warmer months. The service begins with a refreshing mineral soak, followed by a salt exfoliation. After trimming and shaping the toenails, the tech applies a cooling mask made from sea extracts, mineral clay and soothing botanicals. The secret to amplifying the mask’s cooling effects? “We apply plastic heated booties to the client’s feet,” discloses owner and director Katelyn Weikart. “The mix of hot and cold enhances the experience, while the plastic helps lock in the results.” The spa tends to promote its pedicures in late April and through May, as most locals are seeking “cute feet” for sandal season. “We send out email blasts and promote our services on Instagram and Facebook,” says Weikart. To get followers’ attention, the spa posts funny or inspiring memes about wellness and self-care as well as stylized product shots.

allyu-spa-chicago[Allyu Spa, courtesy of John Faker]Allyu Spa, Chicago

Hot Stone Pedicure – 75 min./$65

Total relaxation is the focus of this pedicure. “While most pedis are devoted to the aesthetic (i.e., nail grooming, color, etc.), this one is designed
to nourish the body, mind and spirit,” says Tamara Wills, owner of Allyu Spa. It begins with a luxurious foot soak, sugar scrub and nourishing foot mask. The technician then uses hot basalt stones to massage the feet and lower legs, which “melts away tension and puts the client at ease,” explains Wills. To enhance the experience, clients are offered complimentary herbal teas during their pedicure, and are invited to relax in the spa’s meditation tent before or after the service. To promote this tranquil treatment, the spa relies heavily on word of mouth and offers an annual membership program to help guests maximize their savings. For $100 per year, members can enjoy 15 percent off five or more of the same service, 5 percent off single services and a $20 gift card on their birthday. Clients also receive a 10 percent discount on a pedi when they purchase the Jade package ($490), which also includes a 30-minute sauna session, a 60-minute massage, a 40-minute reflexology or chakra balancing session, a 90-minute facial and a manicure.

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ONE Spa at Shutters on the Beach, Santa Monica, California

Aroma Pedicure – 75 min./$110

This soothing pedicure fuses aromatherapy with indulgent pampering. The service begins with a magnesium salt and eucalyptus foot soak, then
the technician applies a blend of lavender, anise and peppermint essential oils to the skin and encourages the client to take a cleansing breath. “Aromatherapy reduces anxiety, minimizes pain and increases circulation, making it easier for guests to relax during their service,” says Brittany Harrison, the spa’s assistant manager. After the soak, the technician applies a salt scrub to the client’s legs and feet, followed by an ultra-nourishing cream made from rosemary, chlorella and spirulina. “The crème helps ease muscle tension and soreness, and provides a renewed sense of energy and well-being,” explains Harrison, noting that this rejuvenating pedi ranks second in popularity behind the spa’s massages. To promote the offering, the spa relies on social media and local press—but Harrison is convinced that the techs’ professional, thorough treatment is what sets it apart from the rest. “Our technicians elevate this service to the next level by customizing it to each client,” she says. Techs can swap out scents, or adjust the amount of time they spend on the massage or mask depending on the client’s preference. Rachel Stacy, the spa’s director of operations, says they also tailor the service for men: “Because men usually don’t want a polish application, we give them a longer massage, which they love!”

spasocial-texas[SpaSocial, courtesy of Old Willow Photography]SpaSocial, Round Rock, Texas

VIP Pedicure – 60 min./$75

When owner Amanda Lyles came up with the concept for her spa, she wanted to create a destination where friends could “hang out and enjoy a spa service together without feeling like they were interrupting other patrons,” she says. Perfect for bridal parties, baby showers or a girls’ day out, this decadent pedicure provides a relaxing and playful experience for guests looking to unwind. In fact, they’re served snacks and champagne to amplify the “party experience.” At the start of the service, clients choose a scent: champagne and mimosa, eucalyptus or a seasonal offering. They then receive a relaxing foot bath, and the technician trims, files and buffs the nails. Next, a nourishing mask is applied to the legs and feet, followed by a sugar exfoliation. “Our sugar scrubs are made in house and are infused with the client’s selected scent,” explains Lyles. The treatment concludes with a 15-minute massage and polish application. Although the spa offers à la carte services, Lyles says most of her business comes from spa parties. SpaSocial also offers multiple membership programs to help guests get the service(s) of their choice for a discounted monthly cost. “We have a referral program that credits $5 to anyone who refers someone to us, and we offer a 20 percent discount to first-time clients,” adds Lyles, noting that she uses social media to highlight promotions. “We work with bloggers, conduct giveaways and post last-minute cancellations—guests are always eager to get in the door,” she says.

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River Falls Spa Greenville, South Carolina

Head to Toe Pedicure – 75 min./$95

Owner Lauren Skelton Siddens prides her spa on being a “haven for relaxation and rejuvenation”— and her pedicure offerings are no exception. This service treats the feet while putting clients into a tranquil state, thanks to its top-tier amenities: a therapeutic foot mask, callus treatment, paraffin wax, warm neck wrap and lengthy massage. Skelton Siddens also points out that the spa’s ergonomic pedicure chairs make all the difference. “Our chairs allow guests to recline while River Falls Spa Greenville, South Carolina their feet soak,” she explains, adding that they’re offered complimentary wine, champagne, seasonal beverages and snacks to enhance the spa experience. When it comes to marketing, River Falls Spa highlights its services and last-minute openings on Instagram and Facebook—a simple, yet effective strategy that pays off.

– by Taylor Foley

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