Bridal Services in Time for Peak Wedding Season

bridal-spa-services[Image: Courtesy of WELL Spa + Salon]Every bride wants to look flawless on her wedding day. From glowing skin to lengthy lashes, most are willing to splurge on any service that will make them feel beautiful as they walk down the aisle. With the height of wedding season around the corner (March through June), brides-to-be will soon be flocking to your spa to prep and de-stress before their nuptials—an opportunity for you to boost revenue with luxury bridal services. “Bridal business is always abundant,” says Summer Smith, managing director of operations for Milk + Honey Spa, with multiple locations in Texas. “Offering targeted bridal services can attract a new client base and create returning business.” With that in mind, we’ve gathered some quick tips and considerations for adding nuptial treatments to your menu.

Find the One

Appealing to brides isn’t easy, especially when it comes to tight budgets and sky-high stress levels. So how do you decide which services to offer? “Start by tweaking your most popular treatment to fit a bride’s needs, then give it a playful wedding-inspired name,” recommends Kierna Terrisse, founder of BeautyMark Marketing, an Atascadero, California-based spa and salon marketing agency. For example, if your hydrating facial is a top client request, then incorporate diamond-infused skincare products and call it the “Bling Before The Ring Facial.”

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Though à la carte services may seem like the easier option, packages ultimately provide the biggest payoff. “Packages keep brides coming back for more,” says Terrisse. “For clients seeking glowing skin, you can oer five facials at a discounted rate rather than a single service. Those looking to turn back the clock will appreciate a package of antiaging hand treatments and a wedding manicure.”

In addition, it’s worth providing brides-to-be with a “beauty timeline” to keep them on track for their big day. On its website, Milk + Honey Spa features a checklist of services brides should receive one month before, the week before and the day before their weddings.

bridal-services[Image: Courtesy of WELL Spa + Salon]Supporting Roles

Men’s services can also boost business. Milk + Honey Spa offers a myriad of treatments to help grooms get wedding-ready, including the Manly Combo Pedicure (60 min./$70), which features an exfoliation and an aromatherapy-infused foot massage. Elizabeth Walsh-Zimmermann, director of WELL Spa + Salon inside the Pfister Hotel in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, points out that a couple’s massage can also help get the groom through the door. “It’s a great way to kick o a wedding—or to relax once it’s done,” she notes.

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The entire bridal party is another target market to consider. Walsh-Zimmermann says one of WELL Spa’s most popular services is the Gel Manicure + Paran (60 min./$65), which gives the bride and her bridesmaids a chance to relax together as they get their nails done. When adding group services to your menu, Terrisse says it’s important to consider the number of employees available. For spas with multiple locations, sharing staff is ideal, while stand-alone spas should plan on hiring additional help, at least during the busy months.

spa-services[Image: Courtesy of Milk + Honey Spa]Rules of Engagement

Though all of our sources agree that bridal services should remain as permanent fixtures on your menu (to be updated only when necessary), you can start your marketing efforts as early as February to appeal to spring and summer brides. “Put up signage in the reception area and send out email blasts,” says Terrisse, who also suggests instructing staff members to mention bridal services to all clients—not just engaged ones—as they check out at the front desk. “Mothers-of-the-bride, maids of honor or even wedding guests may consider purchasing a package as a gift for soon-to-be newlyweds.”

As always, use social media to get the word out. When posting, Terrisse says diversity is key. “Stick to the 80/20 rule: 80 percent of your posts should be interesting, informational content—such as bridal-related skincare tips—and the other 20 percent can be promotional material.”

Partnerships with other wedding vendors can be an effective marketing tool. “Network with local hair salons and makeup studios to help each other get referrals,” advises Terrisse. “Bridal shows are also a great way to advertise your business. You can perform mini-facials to give attendees an idea of the types of services you offer.”

The good news? Anything that gives brides a sense of serenity during what can be the most hectic time of their lives is guaranteed to capture their attention. “Bridal needs don’t change much over time,” explains Walsh-Zimmermann. “Keep your offerings simple and stress-free.”

–by Taylor Foley

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