Sticky Situation: Loudmouthed Clients

Do guests ever unwittingly disturb the peace and quiet at your oasis?



The Situation: “When a group of friends come in and they’re having fun and drinking mimosas, it’s bound to get loud,” says Julie Puccio, owner of Bella Nova Day Spa and Salon in Houston. “But we of course need to be mindful of all of our clients and handle it properly.”

The Solution: “We’ll approach loud guests and say, ‘You guys are having so much fun, but we have clients in other room—can you have fun at a whisper?’,” Puccio shares. “You don’t want to tell people they’re too loud—that can offend them. Be fun, lighthearted and positive, and engage them in a friendly way. I find if I talk to them softly, and keep going softer and softer with my voice, they too will come down to that soft level. It’s a good trick.”

What would you have done? Please sound off below in the comment field. Have you had a similar experience? Got a sticky situation to share? Email your spa horror story to [email protected]!

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