Photo of the Week: “Fire Three”

A single image can help us to achieve total mind, body and spiritual health.

Found DetailsFound Details

Found Details

“Fire inspires us to share love, warmth and joy with everyone around us. Fire represents the energy of motion and creativity. A depleted Fire element can lead to feelings of depression and loneliness, and physical symptoms of neck pain, shoulder pain and skin eruptions. To bring your Fire element into balance, gaze gently at this image… allow the fire you’re seeing to ignite your own internal fire. Sense the energy build and spread throughout your body. Feel your energy and courage increase with each warming inhale and exhale.”—Jessica Timberlake, Found Details.

Timberlake is an artist with more than 10 years’ experience operating luxury spas. She blends her expertise in wellness with her passion for photography to produce art that soothes, relaxes and heals. Connect with @SpaJess on Instagram and Twitter.

Photographic art by Found Details.

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