Firm Favorites: Part 2

Help meet clients’ need — and growing demand — for holistic, tailored, long-term approaches to weight loss.

Image courtesy of Red Mountain ResortImage courtesy of Red Mountain Resort

Image courtesy of Red Mountain Resort

Times are lean for the diet industry of yesteryear. According to a recent Fortune poll, 77% of Americans are trying to eat and live more healthily, but only 19% say they’re on a diet. Indeed, as the general populace becomes increasingly educated about balanced lifestyles and the concept of holistic health, the focus is shifting away from calorie counting and toward overarching wellness. Hence, wellness experts are seeing a mounting interest in notions that they have long been championing — permanent, realistic, thoughtful approaches to lifestyle improvement and weight management.

More than ever, destination and resort spas are capitalizing on all-inclusive weight loss and fitness packages – but savvy day spas are also edging into this market. We examined some of the country’s most successful destination and day spa wellness plans and determined that regardless of your facility’s size, there are always opportunities to get with the program.


Traditional “fat camps” of the 1970s and ’80s no longer carry weight, so to speak, but Red Mountain Resort located in Ivins, Utah, gets plenty of takers for its weeklong Weight Loss & Living Well Retreat (from $1,795), which is modeled according to the philosophy of Michelle May, MD, author of Eat What You Love, Love What You Eat: A Mindful Eating Program to Break Your Eat-Repent-Repeat Cycle (Am I Hungry? Publishing, 2013). This endeavor involves metabolic and cardiovascular analysis, personal training sessions, weight loss and mindful eating seminars, guided hypnotherapy sessions (to help clients identify patterns and blocks hindering their relationships with their ideal body weight), cooking demonstrations, daily hikes, fitness classes, an acupuncture session and a spa service. For the latter, director of spa and wellness Marci Howard likes to point clients toward the Warm Detox Wrap (50 min./$125), which aims to help accelerate the metabolism and flush lymphatic fluids, and the Ultimate Redefining Body Treatment (50 min./$125), designed to contour the body via myofascial and lymph flow-boosting modalities.

Continue reading about how spas are incorporating weight loss and fitness packages into their everyday services in our June digital edition!

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