Top Skin-Tightening Treatments to Minimize Cellulite

Get Rid of Cellulite

What treatments help minimize the appearance of cellulite?

Beverly Harvey, esthetician and owner, Mes Amies Medical Spa in Fort Myers, Florida: We offer several treatments to address cellulite. Our latest is Emsculpt (30 min./$750), an FDA-cleared energy device that burns fat and builds muscle mass. It’s a no-downtime, pain-free, non-surgical way to define the abs and lift the buttocks. It smooths and tones the skin, resulting in a firmer stomach or booty with just four treatments. We also offer a radio frequency treatment called Venus Freeze (30 min./$200). RF technology heats the skin and stimulates the collagen production giving a smoother silhouette over a series of weekly sessions. Clients can combine these two treatments for a powerhouse of cellulite disruption.

Megan Bender, esthetician/owner, Luxe Boutique in Bismark, North Dakota: One of our favorite treatments for cellulite is what we call “fire and ice” (30 min./$30 per area). It’s simply an add-on to any of our spa experiences that includes the Éminence Herbal Cellulite Treatment followed by the Éminence Stone Crop Body Contour Cream. The stimulation of the Cellulite Treatment promotes circulation to help burn fat cells, and the Body Contour Cream has a cooling effect that leaves the skin feeling firmer and rejuvenated. The results are beautiful, and clients love it.

Michael Scola, lead massage therapist, SoSpa at Sofitel in Los Angeles: Our So Detox (90 min./$250) treatment is designed to help flush the body of toxins, focusing on the stomach, thighs, glutes and arms, and can be customized for each client’s needs. The treatment features the Yon-Ka Paris line, which offers a choice of organic plant extracts, marine extracts or essential oils, each creating a unique mixture that helps reduce water retention. Whichever way the client decides to go, the service will work to lessen the appearance of cellulite, and tone and firm the body.

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What’s the best way to market cellulite products and treatments to clients?

Bender: We place an “experience enhancements” menu on the bed in each of our treatment rooms for clients to look at before the service begins. Anything that targets cellulite jumps out at our clients. It’s a very easy treatment to add, especially before bikini-season.

Scola: Social media has been helpful for touting our service, especially around exclusive A-list events and awards ceremonies. And our guests love it because of its organic origins.

Harvey: We’ve built our business mainly through word of mouth. We’re a small business of six service providers and treat each guest as a part of our family. Referrals are the best form of advertisement. We also love to educate our clients on Instagram and Facebook.

How can clients enhance their service results?

Harvey: A healthy lifestyle is a big part of the results you can expect from these cellulite and tightening services. We offer B complex injections for added energy, as well as retail several skin-tightening creams from HydroPeptide. And, of course, working out and eating a balanced diet will enhance results.

Bender: Of course, no treatment works miracles. We make sure to let our clients know that a great nutrition plan, an exercise routine and consistency complements both the in-spa treatments and at-home care.

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