Daycations are the New Pandemic Spa Trend

Daycations are the latest spa trend
Daycations are the latest spa trend

We’ve all heard of vacations, staycations and micro-cations, but daycations are the new kid on the block. Daycations are simply when one spends the day away from home, at the hotel, spa, massage studio or a combination of all three. The best thing about a daycation is that you do not have to spend the night! You won’t need to pack a bag or even find a sitter. 

Hotels Offerings and Daycations

Staycations became a big trend when AirBnb started to gain popularity among groups of families and friends, rather than traveling professionals. Several hotels across the country are now starting to allow guests to use their amenities without requiring them to stay the night. These amenities range from the pools, spas, salons, sauna, steam room, jacuzzi and much more depending on the location1.

Millennial Influence

One large segment of people is truly taking advantage of this trend is millennials. Millennials love to travel; however, they often can’t or won’t due to finances, work or simply the overwhelming task of planning a big getaway. Now, with the COVID-19 pandemic, some have more time on their hands since the pandemic is preventing many from working.

According to Travel+Leisure, “But Millennials aren’t the only group who are concerned about their vacation time. According to the survey, 40 percent of Gen X-ers also said that it was easier to take time off work for a short trip, and 38 percent of Baby Boomers said they used their time on vacation to attend an event, so they didn’t need more than five nights.”2

The Future of Vacationing

With full vacations, staycations, micro-cations and daycations, potential travelers have plenty of ways to spend their free time. Though these shorter trips may be seemingly unconventional, time off from the kids, educational studies and work make them more attractive to many and may be the reason you soon find more clients in your spa.






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