Spa Hopping: Feeling Good at Bad Ragaz

This historic-meets-modern Swiss spa stalwart is steeped in history.

Photos courtesy of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AGPhotos courtesy of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG

Photos courtesy of Grand Resort Bad Ragaz AG

For many people, Switzerland is synonymous with mountain scenery, milk chocolate and precision-timed clocks. But this landlocked country, nestled between France, Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein and Italy, is also a major player in the worldwide wellness movement. Swank, glitzy properties may have recently stolen the spotlight in the country’s skiing meccas such as Verbier, but at the other end of the Swiss spectrum, historic resorts continue a centuries-old practice of offering today’s spa pilgrims a host of on-trend services.

One such resort is Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, a 267-room hotel and spa that opened in 1774. Located close to the country’s eastern border with Austria, the five-star wellness complex sits at the foot of the 9,331-foot Pizol mountain in the St. Gallen Rhine Valley.

Today, this member of the Swiss Deluxe Hotels and Leading Hotels of the World groups provides a sensory experience to delight the eyes, relax the mind, heal the flesh and feed the soul — and stomach. Six restaurants, a cafe? and a bar serve Swiss, Mediterranean and Asian cuisine, plus others. Since 1957, the capacious complex has included an extensive Medical Health Center, whose doctors and specialists provide services ranging from acupuncture to MRIs. Among the leisure-driven highlights are an 18-hole PGA Championship and nine-hole executive golf courses.

For on-site entertainment and culture, there’s billiards, bowling, a cinema, a casino, regular concerts and classical music festivals and, every three years, the Bad RagARTz outdoor sculpture exhibition.

See more images from the gorgeous spa below, and continue reading about Bad Ragaz’s rich history in our May digital edition!

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