Presented Perfectly: Expanded Holiday Gift Guide 2015

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Find your holiday retail inspiration within these gift guides, inspired by seven different types of spa.
You might manage a day spa in a tourist town, own a wellness center and yoga studio, or work as an esthetician at a resort spa. Your facility might span 500 or 5,000 square feet, and you might employ anywhere from 5 to 50 staff members. Regardless of their specs, it’s fair to say that no two spas are exactly alike.

DAYSPA‘s 2015 Holiday Gift Guide was inspired by seven types of spa, but we know our readers don’t fit perfectly into these categories. No matter your business’s size or location, as the gift-giving season approaches, we hope you’ll draw inspiration from this slew of gorgeous, retail-ready products we’ve gathered for you and your clientele.

Below, you’ll find links to each of our Gift Guide’s seven sections, expanded from the magazine to include some extra goodies.

And with that, happy retailing!

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Wellness Wonderland

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Eco Chic

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Family Friendly

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Community Hub

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Metropolitan Oasis

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Paradise Found

Holiday Gift Guide 2015 – Unique Boutique

—Compiled by Rachel Kossman, Linda Kossoff and Lesley McCave

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