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Flex your creativity this summer with on-trend pedicures that will make your clients’ toes curl.
Pedicures are this season’s it service, as clients celebrate summer beach- and poolside, flaunting their favorite sandals, flip-flops and open-toed shoes. Holiday vacations are on everyone’s minds, and the day spa has become the ultimate destination to maintain and prepare tootsies for sizzling summertime adventures. From the spa owner’s angle, pedicures are a serious profit center ripe with sales opportunities—if your spa can deliver the goods. To give you a boost, DAYSPA asked industry experts to share the 411 on this season’s hottest pedicure trends and how to breathe life into them at your spa. —By Ilona French
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Hot Trend #1:Eye Popping Color

“Summer is still dominated by neons and bright, vibrant colors,” says Maritza Cabezas, brand manager for the ProLinc, Checi and Gena lines from American International Industries. “Color is everywhere and toes are no exception. Color helps express style and personality; this trend is not showing signs of slowing.”

How to bring it: “Try two-tone-ing, where you have sheers and some bright colors on the free edge, like greens, yellows, coral-y pinks,” suggests Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice president and artistic director, OPI. “Pink is generally popular when the sun comes out, and orange is also a very hot color. I think if clients wear their nails short, they can really wear very deep, hot, bright colors. They all look good on shorter nails.”

“Encourage self-expression,” adds Sue Thomas, director of sales, SpaRitual. “Explore unique combinations of color. The days of mauve, red and pink are gone. Even the most conservative client is open to trying trendier looks, like a white-gold shimmer, or searing pops of color.

Suggested products: Heliotrope and Indigo (Pigment collection) and Clay (Alchemy collection) from SpaRitual; OPI’s Vintage Minnie Mouse collection; Essie’s Bikini So Teeny Summer Collection 2012

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Hot Trend #2: Meticulous Grooming

“The biggest trend for summer 2012 is beautifully pedicured feet and happy toes,” declares Patricia Freund, vice president of marketing, Cuccio Naturalé. “Feet must be pedicured to perfection with polished or gel-polished toenails with a great design that evokes a fun feeling. Every woman wants to feel wonderful about her feet during the summer.”

How to bring it: “A mask and a scrub for the feet really makes a huge difference because it just sloughs off all that dead skin you get from wearing sandals and flip-flops and walking on the beach,” says Weiss-Fischmann. “Always, always make sure that these are part of a pedicure!”

“As part of a natural look, it’s important that feet be well maintained and free of calluses and hard, dry skin,” agrees Lisa Crary, CEO/owner, Sanítas Skincare. “Exfoliating enzyme pedicures are a great way to rid the feet of dry, dehydrated winter skin. Enzymes will soften and smooth the skin as well as improve circulation.”

Suggested products: Sanítas Papaya Foot Scrub and OPI Chamomile Mint Mask and Scrub

“Keep your pedicure interesting. If you’re using Tuscan Citrus Herb, call it a ‘Margarita Pedicure’, ‘Tropical Holiday Pedicure’ or ‘Day at the Beach Pedicure’ to name a few. Get creative and have some fun.”
—Patricia Freund, Cuccio Naturalé

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Hot Trend #3: Big-Time Value and Convenience

Consumers these days are less reluctant to open their wallets, unless they feel the experience and results are worth it. “Women demand long-time wear from a pedicure service, and they also want zero dry time,” says Jessica Quick, marketing manager for CND. “They want to be able to slip their sandals back on and head out the door without any concern of smudging or nicking their paint job.”

How to bring it: In addition to using long-wear, quick-dry products, encourage clients to do their part. “If customers are extending the time between pedicures, that means that more home care between appointments is required,” reminds Sanítas’ Crary. “Quality homecare pedicure products are a must to keep feet looking well manicured between appointments.

“Although the economy appears to be improving, many guests are looking for added value treatments,” continues Crary. “Promoting monthly pedicures with free upgrades and extra pampering is a great way to differentiate your business and emphasize value. Examples include offering complimentary toe waxing, paraffin treatments, reflexology massage or nail art.”

“Consider summer services that include a mini lacquer as a gift,” suggests SpaRitual’s Thomas. “They are fantastic for travel and cut down on your backbar costs. This also adds value to the service experience.”

Suggested products: CND Shellac Power Polish, CND Callus Smoother, SpaRitual mini-polish

“Promote and differentiate your spa with signature pedicure services. It can be as easy as adding a new fragrance of hand and body lotion or a new wash for the season. Citrus fragrances, for instance, are energizing and fresh and exactly what the season ordered. Create a ritual tray with the citrus spa products and some fresh tangerine segments for a refreshing, light snack for your client.” —Jessica Quick, CND

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Hot Trend #4: The Artistic Statement

“Women are more likely to try something fun and more ‘out of the box’ on their toes than on their fingernails,” notes CND’s Quick. “Add-on services like glitter, stones, foil and stamps are becoming more fun and make for a great added boost to the service menu. Fashion-forward nail art is also starting to make an entrance into pedicures.”

How to bring it:
“For nail art, a core collection of ‘Crayola’ colors is always good to have on hand, along with glitters to help add some flare,” suggests Cabeza.

“Having nail techs with painted nail tips with foil, glitter and stones serves as a great visual for clients to see what is possible,” adds Quick. “And don’t forget to show clients how many color options they can get with layering!”

“Nail pens are a quick and easy way to add the touches that your clients’ happy summer toes need—decorative lines, circles and simple, clean designs that clearly say ‘fun’ without going over the top,” notes Freund.

Suggested products: Shellac from CND (try the company’s glam “Twinkle Toes” pedi)!; Cina Nail Pens in Neon

“Summer 2012 is all about gold. The symbol for gold is a circle with a point at the center representing the sun. Gold is our world’s most precious metal and the ancient symbol for wealth. It radiates warmth.”
—Sue Thomas, SpaRitual

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Hot Trend #5: The Made-to-Order Pedicure

“Clients tend to seek a pedicure to relax and start the week fresh—what better way to satisfy them than by creating a pedicure cocktail that caters to their personality/lifestyle?” asks Cabezas. “This type of service offering will make each client feel that her pedicure is her very own.”

How to bring it: “Many spas are doing specialized pedicures in which they put special things in the water: concoctions with different antioxidants, fruits like blueberries or strawberries,” points out OPI’s Weiss-Fischmann. “It’s always fun to customize and then change it up. Every week, you could offer some specialized pedicure.”

“Creating a customized blend of products for clients gives the nail tech an advantage and can help build a good client relationship,” suggests Cabezas. “Formulas with complexes containing multiple vitamins to strengthen and nourish not only nails, but skin as well, is a great way to accomplish this.”

Suggested products: Duri Rejuvacote and Herbatherapy, and your own customized concoctions!

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Hot Trend #6: Escapist Pedicure

“Pedicures that help clients feel far away in a relaxing, memorable place highlight the summer 2012 pedicure experience,” says Cuccio’s Freund. “Gone are the days of plain-colored water for the footbath—turn that water into a moisturizing, deodorizing and unforgettable soak with tiny champagne bubbles!”

How to bring it: “Create unique protocols that remind clients of summer and that are only available in the summer months,” says SpaRitual’s Thomas. “Don’t be scared to blend different scents like geranium and jasmine. And make sure you carry the same products for retail that you use in the service so you do not miss an opportunity for additional revenue. Remember: Consumers love inexpensive luxuries that remind them of a relaxing vacation and allow them to recreate the spa experience at home.”

“Clients will remember the ‘extras’ that your spa offers,” explains Angela Eriksen-Stanley, director of education for Phytocéane USA. “A leg mask with mint and seaweed extracts helps to cool tissues, soothe aches and vasoconstrict the circulation for an improvement in the appearance and feeling of spider and varicose veins. A mud detox wrap for feet will leave a client’s body feeling remineralized and relaxed.”

Suggested products: Tuscan Citrus & Herb Aqua Leaves with Pedicure Fizz Tablet, Papaya and Guava Sea Salt Exfoliant and 24-Hour Hydrating Butter Blend from Cuccio Naturalé; Culluli-Active Self-Heating Mud Mask and Cooling Beauty Gel Pro-Activ from Phytocéane

“We see nails a little bit longer and pointier; however, it looks great when you paint the moon. It’s a very edgy, fresh new look. My recommendation is still the squoval, which is square with rounded corners.”
—Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, OPI

Pedicure Principals

These manufacturers carry items addressing a range of options for pro pedi protocols.

American International Industries (ProLinc, Checi, China Glaze, Gena) 800.635.8966
Art of Beauty (Qtica and Zoya) 800.659.6909
Biotone 800.445.6457
CND 877.CND.NAIL, cnd.com
Cuccio (All Seasons Nails, Cina, Cuccio Naturalé, Star Nail) 800.762.6245
Duri 800.724.2216,
Essie 800.232.1155
Guinot 800.523.1030
Keyano Aromatics 800.800.0313
Miss Professional Nail 310.538.5975
OPI 800.341.9999
Orly 800.275.1111
Phytocéane USA 800.227.8051
Sanítas Skincare 888.855.8425
SpaRitual 877.SPA.RITUAL
Universal Companies 800.558.5571

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