“Change of Life” Savers

Tame the skin-ravaging effects of fluctuating hormones with specialized skin care. (Your menopausal clients will thank you!)

Photography: Armando Sanchez; Styling: Danielle Caseñas & Katie O’ReillyPhotography: Armando Sanchez; Styling: Danielle Caseñas & Katie O’Reilly

Photography: Armando Sanchez; Styling: Danielle Caseñas & Katie O’Reilly

From left:

B. Kamins Menopause Skin Cream
Combat hot flashes with an a.m./p.m. moisturizer that delivers a soothing, cooling effect. It also replenishes essential nutrients and moisture. 888.BKAMINS, bkamins.com

Sothys Secrets Cream
This moisturizer employs a rare prickly pear extract that helps to preserve cellular vitality during phases of upheaval and imbalance. 800.325.0503, sothys-usa.com

GlyMed Plus Menopause Corrective Skin Serum
Wild yam extract and progesterone help women’s bodies to naturally remedy depleted elasticity, while peptides and phytonutrients stimulate cell renewal. 801.798.0390, glymedplus.com

Éminence Organic Skin Care Eight Greens Whip Moisturizer
Firming and balancing ingredients, such as phytoestrogen-rich yucca extract, rebalance skin that’s parched and acneic due to monthly hormone imbalances. 888.747.6342, eminenceorganics.com

Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts Age Delay Progesterone Body Lotion
This daily product addresses the dehydrated, crepe-like appearance symptomatic of hormone-depleted skin, with an infusion of progesterone to help boost moisture retention. 800.689.0499, arcskincare.com

G.M. Collin H50 Therapy Cream
Intended for ladies experiencing hormonal changes before, during and after menopause, this facial cream also uses wild yam and soy to help boost elasticity and radiance. 800.341.1531, gmcollin.com

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