WTA Releases Criteria for Wellness Destinations

wellness-travel-destination[Image: Roberto Nickson/Unsplash
As destinations around the world seek to position themselves on the radar of wellness-minded travelers, the Wellness Tourism Association (WTA) emphasizes that the right to use the term “wellness destination” should come with some responsibility. To that end, the WTA unveiled a nine-point list of basic criteria that such locales should be able to demonstrate, as follows:

  1. A safe/secure environment in both perception and reality
  2. A clean and sanitary infrastructure for locals and visitors
  3. Quality of life for locals who benefit from tourism dollars, i.e., jobs within the industry and a market for locally made produce, products and services
  4. Easily accessible, natural assets or resources (hot springs, mountains, forests, etc.) within the confines of the destination
  5. Substantial sustainability policies and practices
  6. The availability and accessibility of wellness practitioners, including those who offer holistic and alternative modalities
  7. A selection of hotel and independent restaurants offering healthy, clean cuisine prepared in partnership with local growers
  8. Availability of a range of fitness-based activities and tours, such as yoga, hiking, cycling, fitness classes or kayaking
  9. A physical environment that is somewhat removed from the noise that has become “daily life” in the 21st century
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