Bio Jouvance Paris: 35 Years of Expertise and Evolution

Sonia-Boghosian[Image: Sonia and Raymond Boghosian]Headquarters in Los Angeles, California, we are excited to share our extensive experience with our colleagues and clients who have continued to support and believe in us for the last 35 years.

About Bio Jouvance Paris

For the last four decades, Bio Jouvance Paris has been at the forefront of results-oriented skincare products and equipment. It always has been, and continues to be, our mission to search for the latest and newest ingredients, solutions and breakthroughs as developed in Europe and around the world.

We have stayed true to our mission by introducing the extraordinary Fresh Frozen Cells therapy and Cryo-therapy as we moved our distribution from France to the United States.

Since then our laboratories in France have employed Gamotherapy (using plant buds) and the latest phyto­cellular nano-encapsulated technology known as Efficap™ to utilize the purest ingredients possible in the formulation of the Bio Jouvance Paris product line. We have also utilized a state of the art technology that is based on preserving the entire plant vs. partial plant. This process of water reduction through vibration allows stabilization of the entire plant organ, preserving plant vitality and nutrients by 92-98 percent.

Bio Jouvance Paris utilizes this advanced technology to create an extensive range of unique formulations to assure the highest and purest quality of skincare products.

New Concepts

Known for our innovation and specialized formulations and with a preference for naturally sourced ingredients, Bio Jouvance Paris products are devoid of the most demonized cosmetic chemicals, including parabens, phthalates, sodium lauryl sulfate and triclosan, which brings Bio Jouvance Paris to its new era, “LUXE- NATURAL™.”

The Latest Approach to Skin Care

By offering chemical-free and plant-based products, which provide skin balance, texture and natural radiance, we wish to enhance self confidence and joy in each and every person using Bio Jouvance Paris products. Utilizing Bio Jouvance Paris ampoules, masques, serums and creams in treatments, salon and spa clients can experience an amazing difference in their skin and major improvements when it comes to specific skin disorders.

By offering Bio Jouvance Paris Signature treatments, estheticians allow their clients to achieve a high sense of freedom by feeling that they do not have to cover anything up anymore and can be their true selves. Bio Jouvance Paris is proud to be the front runner and declares official entry to the Authenticity Era of “clean” products with formulations of natural and plant-based ingredients. We are determined to assist estheticians, salons, spas and medical spas to be able to perform boomer-friendly treatments based on “clean” products. These products will address youth craving desire of baby boomers, as well as skin disorders such as rosacea, couperose, acne and pigmented skin issues in a natural way.

A New Look

Our modern packing is simple, transparent and empowering. Each product line is identified by vivid and exciting colors to make product recognition and inventory an easy task.

I believe skincare brands are grounded in “the integrity of the founder.” My goals as founder and CEO of Bio Jouvance Paris are to emphasize the transparency of ingredients—thereby developing trust—and per­sonally vetting each and every product.

As a president of Bio Jouvance Paris I am committed to transcending the boundaries of skin care with exciting new products and to making sure our clients get utmost customer service by providing educational seminars, hands-on training, treatment manuals and product knowledge, as well as marketing tools needed to promote and educate salon clients.

Esthetically yours,

Sonia Boghosian

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