West Hollywood’s Beauty Collection Launches New Service Menu

I was recently given the opportunity to test-drive one of the many service offerings on Beauty Collection’s revamped treatment menu. The West Hollywood beauty store/salon hybrid recently added several new services, including the one I was signed up to receive, the Caudalie Premier Cru Facial. As a self-proclaimed facial fanatic, turning down this offer was not an option for me, and I was curious to visit the place I’d heard so much about.

Warmly greeting me at the reception desk was cheerful veteran esthetician Carol Behrens, who informed me I would be receiving the Caudalie Premier Cru Facial (60 min./ $125). Now, let me explain something about my skin. At 28, my main skin issues are acne (probably fueled by my overactive sweet tooth) and excess oil. Attractive, right?

On learning about the facial’s potent antioxidant and antiaging benefits, I began to wonder what this would mean for my 20-something skin. As if reading my questioning mind, Carol explained that the facial could be beneficial to younger complexions as one of its star ingredients, resveratrol is credited with tightening pores and improving tone and elasticity. The antioxidant-rich ingredient—derived from vineyard grapes in Bordeaux, France—also helps fight free-radical damage, which we all know can speed up the dreaded aging process. The treatment also employs Viniferine—derived from grapevine sap—for brightening, and peptides such as Matrixyl 3000, which improve contouring. At this point, my curiosity was piqued to such an extent I was ready to get this skincare show on the road! I laid down on the treatment table and put my face into Carol’s capable hands.

I felt myself instantly unwind as my face was cleansed with a gentle foaming wash and soft cotton pads, and soothing spa music softly filled the treatment room. I settled further into my relaxed state as my face was pampered with delicious grape water, buffing cream, beauty elixir and firming serum.

I then heard Carol’s voice quietly whisper, “Now I’ll be using the Derma Roller.” Although I’m familiar with the device, I’d never actually experienced it for myself and the thought of having my skin needled made my blood pressure rise a little, I have to confess. My nerves were soon settled by the gentle and slow motions of the roller, which felt more like light pinches on the skin. I sheepishly returned to my Zen state.

The tail end of the treatment consisted of a soothing gel-based Premier Cru mask. As if the cooling treatment wasn’t enough, Carol threw in a hand massage while the mask set. Heaven truly is a place on earth!

After Carol removed the mask, my treatment concluded with the application of the brand’s Premier Cru eye and face creams. While I could feel the difference in my skin—it felt more taut—it was only when Carol took a closer look and declared “Wow” that my hopes were confirmed. Indeed, looking in the mirror I saw a bright, fresh and toned face staring back at me. I was a new woman as I stepped out of the spa to face the rest of the day.

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