4 Spa Software Trends from Industry Experts

Software innovations can help your spa stand apart.
Software innovations can help your spa stand apart.

Staying on top of the latest developments in spa and wellness technology is essential to provide a premier consumer experience while standing out from competitors. We spoke to industry experts to find out what is currently trending in spa software.

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  1. Automated Communications is an Invaluable Asset- from Christine Schmidt, director of marketing and communications, LoopSpark
  2. Software features Benefit Spa Pros - from Renee Sison, esthetician and product marketing manager, Vagaro
  3. Developing Deeper Connections & Strong Resiliency -  Lisa Starr, spa business consultant, Wynne Business Consulting & Education; contributor, Mindbody
  4. Adding Value to Guest's Lives Beyond the Spa - Ilana Alberico, president, SpaSpace, Arch Amenities Group
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