Beauty Pros Save Time with Cloud-Based Scheduling

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Genbook, the cloud-based software for hair, beauty and wellness businesses, has released data showing that successful beauty professionals are repurposing their free time. The data revealed that pros save about 156 minutes per week when they're taking advantage of automated appointment scheduling, therefore allowing them more time to focus on marketing, client experience, upskilling and well-being. Of the over 13 million appointment bookings have been made on the Genbook platform since 2019, 62% are performed online.

“Our recent study has shown that in order for entrepreneurs to really succeed and reach their goals in this digital age, they need to be outsourcing the mundane tasks and distractions associated with scheduling, for example, so that they can actually spend the time marketing their business, investing into social media and their brand, as well as their clients’ experience. There are multiple hats to juggle but today consumers expect every touchpoint in their journey to be as great as the service and, when it comes to the hair and beauty industries especially, that client loyalty and repeat business is crucial to the success of these businesses,” said Bronwyn Karaoglu, VP of marketing at Genbook.

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