Lydia Sarfati Exudes Knowledge and Gratitude at 40th Online Toast

four layer facial that Lydia is famous for
four layer facial that Lydia is famous for

The Repêchage team, including founder Lydia Sarfati, co-founder David Sarfati and their daughter and co-president Shiri Sarfati, were all smiles on July 20, 2020, and rightfully so. Repêchage is celebrating 40 years in business, bringing spa professionals effective seaweed based skin care such as the iconic Four Layer Facial.

Although the Repêchage team had planned a grand anniversary celebration spanning multiple days and filled with education, products and, of course, festivities, it translated that into an online celebration with the same elements.

The event kicked off with congratu­latory videos from clients and friends from around the world wishing Lydia and the entire Repêchage team a happy 40th anniversary. Participating in the video were clients from El Salvador, Alaska, India, the Cayman Islands, Italy, Australia and much much more.

A touched Lydia then came back on the screen to express her heartfelt gratitude for each and every client and friend who has played a role in her success over the years. The presentation then turned to a stunning performance by Polish operatic soprano Aleksandra Kurzak, who sang a beautiful love song that brought goosebumps to everyone in attendance.

A short video then played recapping the history of Lydia Sarfati and the Repêchage brand, including the introduction of the Four Layer Facial in 1980, the revolutionary concept of unidose application, Lydia's introduction of the seaweed-based skin care collection, and expansion across the world, the launch of Rapidex Marine Exfoliator, the introduction of the website and so much more. Lydia followed the video by joking, " I love how you can put 40 years into a five minute video."

A special conversation then took place where daughter Shiri interviewed Lydia, both in

vibrant red, about her success over the decades. As clients listened in from around the world, Lydia inspired them to be tenacious, to take chances and find inspiration everywhere.

1. Tenacity

When asked about what it takes to continue to grow, Lydia answered, "You must be tenacious. Never give up. I have never taken no for an answer. Do not despair when things go bad. Look at it as an opportunity."

Later in the interview, she added that Repêchage is French for second chance, not only for the skin but also business. "There area always difficult times," she added. "Never give up."

When making business decisions, Lydia recommended to always know what you are after. "You have to be specific. Always know what you want. Write it down," commented Lydia.

2. Taking Chances

Lydia urged attendees to take chances when it came to business decisions. She recalled that in her earlier years, one of her coworkers noted that she should buy a fax machine when very few people had them. She bought one and was one of the first families around to do so, and it became a successful business tool.

She added, "Never be afraid to go into the unknown. You have the opportunity to create something unique," as she referenced one of her most proud moments as being when she created the Four Layer Facial, an invention that shocked the market and opened new doors for her.

3. Sources of Inspiration

When it comes to places of inspiration, Lydia Sarfati finds them everywhere. The inspiration for her unidose applications came from an issue she was seeing in the industry.

"It made me crazy seeing double dipping in the jars. This was the inspiration behind unidose," she added.

She furthered that when she is looking to create a product, she asks around. She is always motivated by new ingredients, but she is also inspired by the environment. She also recommended going to younger generations for ideas. "They have great ideas," she furthered.

When it comes to the biggest sources of inspiration, Lydia credits her family. In a loving moment, she noted that her family inspires her, first with her parents but now with her grandchi­ldren. She added, "Have the ability to surround yourself with wonderful people."

The celebration concluded with a toast and Lydia expressing gratitude to everyone in her Repêchage family. Cheers to 40 years of success Lydia Sarfati and Repêchage, and here's to many more.

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