Top Brands Discuss Their Best-Selling Hair Removal Tools



Deborah Merhar, founder Relax & Wax: “A popular accessory is our Relax & Wax Silicone Wax Collar. It’s made from a high quality, food grade silicone that keeps the wax temperature consistent and the warmer looking clean all day. No more wasteful cardboard collars—just one swipe and they’re like new!”

Lindsay Miller, President Lycon USA Precision Waxing: “Lycon Duo Heater is a favorite among waxing professionals! In addition to heating up quickly, each side has an individual thermostat control and a capacity of 800 grams. Technicians really love the large pot sizes, as well as the easy-to-clean surfaces.”

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Susanna DiSotto, Director of marketing Satin Smooth: “Satin Smooth EZ Grip Strip is ergonomically designed to make hair removal easy and comfortable for the technician. The strips are also framed to accommodate any brow shape, fitting above or below. Plus, they’re perfectly contoured for the upper lip or chin, so they can be utilized in a wide range of hair removal applications.”


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Normajean Fusco, Owner and president Equibal Labs: “Salon and spa professionals love our Little One Professional Hair Removal with Nufree heater. In addition to taking up such a small amount of space—it’s just over four inches tall and about the size of a coffee cup—it’s perfect for eyebrow, chin and upper lip hair removal.”

Lydia Sarfati, CEO and founder Repêchage: “Clients prefer Repêchage Skin Relief Soothing Gel because it instantly calms skin after waxing. With ingredients like green tea, hyaluronic acid, aloe and cucumber, it helps hydrate and minimize the appearance of redness. Estheticians often freeze the gel and then apply it to the skin after waxing—it feels wonderful!”

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Emma Barnard, Brand manager GiGi: Estheticians appreciate its adjustable heat settings, removable lid for easy cleaning, and convenient indicator light, which lets pros know if the unit is on with just a glance. It’s an all-around waxing powerhouse!”

– by Jasmine Brown


[Images courtesy of brands]

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