Spa Pros on the Benefits and Profit-Boosting Potential of Light Therapy

What types of light therapy do you use at your spa?

Desi McDermott, esthetician and licensed massage therapist, Salon Lujon & Day Spa in Fullerton, California: I’ve been using LED light therapy for the past 15 years, including the introduction of LightStim five years ago. The devices feature a newer technology with multiple wavelengths, including blue light to kill bacteria and help prevent future breakouts; amber light to rebuild collagen; and deep red, light red and infrared light to reduce inflammation and increase circulation, helping to relieve pain.

Leslie A. Crowell, international spa aesthetic department leader, educator, makeup artist and CIDESCO diplomat, Three-13 Salon, Spa & Boutique in Marietta, Georgia: Our estheticians like to use the Repêchage LED Radio Frequency and EMS Skin Tightening Machine. It has red, blue, green, yellow and pink lights, each of which affects the skin in different ways, including increasing the absorption of hydration and moisture; helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles; temporarily firming, tightening and lifting the skin; minimizing dark spots and sun damage and improving dullness; and making skin look less oily.

Kasey Boone, owner and head esthetician, Glow Skincare in Toluca Lake, California: We use Celluma LED light therapy to treat fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and aches and pains. We love that we can use it to treat so many different concerns!

Victoria Nash, owner/clinical esthetician, Younger You Clinique in Scottsdale, Arizona: I use the Silhouet- Tone Soli-Lite machine on virtually all of my clients. I like that it offers a variety of wavelength settings, including blue, yellow, red and infrared light, so it can address both face and body concerns. The Soli-Lite significantly diminishes lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, and I also see excellent results treating rosacea and acne.

With body services, it reduces the appearance of stretch marks and enhances the results of cellulite treatments, as well as minimizing breakouts on areas like the back and shoulders.

How do these treatments complement your professional services?

Crowell: We offer Power Treatments, including LED light therapy (15 min./$23), which are enhancements guests can add to virtually any service. Also, our On the Go Facial (30 min./starting at $56) consists of a 15-minute pre-cleanse, serum and LED light treatment followed by the application of a moisturizer based on the individual’s skin type and needs.

McDermott: I use the LightStim during massage treatments for pain relief. If clients complain about aches in their hands, knees, feet or anywhere on their body, I apply it to that area during a facial or waxing service. But my favorite way to incorporate LED light therapy is following any exfoliation or microdermabrasion treatment; I apply a sheet mask to the face and put clients under the LightStim ProPanel for 20 minutes. They really enjoy the warmth, relaxation and results. When they notice younger, glowing skin, they’re eager to book their next appointment. A typical ProPanel session ranges from $50 to $70 for 20 minutes, depending on the other services purchased.

Nash: When I use the Soli-Lite, my clients leave with beautiful skin that rarely looks inflamed or red, even after treatments such as clinical depth microneedling and peels. Thanks to the rapid healing process provided by the LED therapy, they can go straight back to work or out for socializing. Many of my regulars also love that they can come in right after having Botox or fillers—the LED treatment helps diminish bruising and prolong the effects of the injectables.

Boone: We offer light therapy as an add-on (15 min./$10) to any treatment. It’s also featured in services including our Clarifying Facial (75 min./starting at $149), which includes a deep cleanse, exfoliation, clarifying mask, cold roller massage and 30 minutes of LED to help further reduce acne and inflammation.

How do you promote light therapy?

Boone: We have an entire LED Bar where our clients can get complimentary light therapy with any service priced at $100 or more. Once they try it and see the results, they’re hooked.

McDermott: We display flyers, and I show clients the ProPanel and how much my skin has improved from using it. I’ve also given treatments to staff so they can share their experience, and I offer a discount when guests purchase a package or series of treatments.

Crowell: While being prepped for a service, we give guests a detailed Power Treatment menu that includes information about the amazing benefits of LED light therapy. We educate them about how it can help achieve their desired results when we customize their facial treatments. We also have a Power Punch Card where guests receive a free Power Treatment after they’ve purchased three at full price.

Nash: I offer a complimentary first treatment, as I know clients will see an immediate improvement. From there, as with all of my treatments, I sell LED therapy in packages of 5 or 10 sessions. This saves them money and keeps them coming back.

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