Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa Introduces New Corporate Wellness Programming

Rancho Valencia[Courtesy Rancho Valencia]Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa, named the No. 1 Best Resort in California by U.S. News & World Report this week, has debuted new corporate wellness programming for groups to meet mindfully and invest in the company’s most important asset, the people. New group workshops and wellness activities include:
  • Mindful Mandala session (75 min.)
    • In this activity, the resort’s art therapy life coach guides the group through mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) techniques offering sensory-based meditations for personal wellness and energy balancing. This hands-on therapeutic workshop offers new ways of coping with stress, inspired breathing techniques and applicable tools for daily wellness.
  • Sound Baths with Tibetan Singing Bowls (60 min.)
    • The unique healing vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls are known to have calming effects on the body, mind and spirit. Unwind in a sound bath after a guided meditation that will leave groups feeling relaxed and at peace. May include a seated or lying meditation.
  • Malas and Meditation workshop (120 min.)
    • This workshop is accessible to both those new to meditation and those who wish to deepen their meditative practice. It includes all the materials and detailed instruction on how to make your own custom mala, followed by guided meditation to tap into your intention. Groups will walk away from this workshop with a beautiful meditation tool and lasting representation of their intentions.
  • Mindful Stress Mastery (75 min.)
    • This experiential workshop features a variety of techniques such as mindfulness-based stress reduction techniques by Jon Kabat Zin, breathwork and guided meditation with imagery. Your relationship with stress will be transformed with take-home tools and methods, and a personalized self-care plan.
  • Crystal Grounding Grid with Sound Bath (60 min.)
    • This group grounding session utilizes specially selected crystals and stones that are placed with intention in a specific geometrically harmonious pattern for the purpose of directing and amplifying the radiant healing energy inherent within crystals themselves. The living and breathing matrix is formed from a crystal grid at the center of the room, on and around each person to further amplify and direct the flow of energy. Participants will bathe in this deep relaxation guided by Tibetan singing bowls while reclining comfortably. This is a centering activity meant to enhance group connectivity and productivity while restoring balance and total well-being.
  • Inner Happy Hour (60 min.)
    • This program offers perspective on how to ignite your “inner happy” through a guided meditation, followed by powerful tools and techniques rooted in science to cultivate a life of happiness. This is a wonderful opportunity to be open to new learning experiences and create stronger bonds with colleagues. Bring your own bliss (BYOB), a cup of tea and your beginner’s mind for an hour-long journey to inner happiness.
  • Morning Nature Yoga Walk (60 min.)
    • Groups can become grounded in nature with a mellow walking journey incorporating meditation, breathing and yoga postures for all levels. Various spots on the resort’s beautiful 1/2-mile nature trail will be explored before a relaxing savasana underneath the olive groves and blue sky.
  • Guided Hydrotherapy Circuit (60 min.)
    • Experience the resort’s hydrotherapy wellness circuit with an expert guide. Utilizing a variety of water temperatures, this therapy helps jump-start the internal systems of the body to work more efficiently by flushing out free radicals and toxins. Contrasting temperatures improve full-body circulation and blood flow to the brain and make for an excellent, energizing meeting break.
Additionally, the property’s Forbes Five-Star Spa offers a custom Wellness Collective developed by spa director and innovator Kristi Dickinson to bring groups exclusive itineraries with executive physicals from Dr. Lee Rice of Lifewellness Institute, in addition to fitness, spa therapies and mind-body activities over the course of a three night minimum stay. 
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