New Survey Reveals Technology Trends Impacting Spas

daysmart-software-survey[Image: PhotoMIX Ltd.]DaySmart Software, makers of Orchid Spa Software, has released a report on technology trends impacting small businesses in the spa industry. For the national study, DaySmart partnered with research firm Researchscape International to survey a total of 1,763 small business owners in the U.S. Respondents were decision-makers and full or partial owners of businesses with fewer than 100 employees, with the majority of respondents (62 percent) having 0-9 employees.

The findings reveal how spa owners are leveraging technology to grow their businesses, and the challenges they’re facing along the way. Although 63 percent of respondents increased their sales from 2017-2018, many said they still worry about running and growing their operations. According to the report, the top five challenges that owners face are making enough money, controlling costs, finding new customers, marketing to prospective or current customers and managing their time.

All of that said, more than half of those surveyed have adopted business management software, noting benefits including reduced manual effort and paperwork (61 percent), increased customer satisfaction (49 percent) and improved work/life balance (48 percent). Of the respondents who use business management software, 42 percent recognize the benefits of cloud-based products, while 38 percent still prefer on-premise software.

Additionally, respondents who use business management software report making more money than those who don’t. When asked to share their annual revenues, 73 percent of respondents who use business management software reported making more than $100,000, compared to 60 percent of respondents who do not use such software.

The small business report is available for download on the DaySmart website.

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