Spa Management: Combating Bad Energy

Spa owners sound off on little nonverbal tricks that help to clear out negative energy and keep spirits high in their spa.

Ring My Bell: Marc Edward, owner of Marc Edward Skincare in West Hollywood, California, uses the feng shui practice of ringing a bell to “clear out stale energy.” This method is meant to diffuse stagnant vibrations and allow a harmonious energy to reenter the entire space. Practitioners believe the soothing harmonics created by the bell cleanse the space “touched” by the sound.

Burn, Baby, Burn: For centuries, Native Americans have recognized white sage as a pre-prayer purifier of the mind, body and spirit. To clear your space of bad vibes, shut all windows and doors; then tie a bundle of sage together, light it and place it in a big brass bowl. (You can also opt to carry it around like a torch, being mindful of where the ashes might fall.) A thin light smoke reflects a space that is relatively clear of negative energy. A thick, rolling wave of white smoke indicates that the sage is neutralizing a significant amount of negative energy. You may choose to employ a feather as a fan to guide smoke into a particular area. According to Native American tradition, the white sage will stop burning on its own once it has cleared the space.

Tune into Tranquility: Select music that resonates through your mind and body to help re-set the positive tone of your spa. Condon turns to Gregorian chants, contemplative music that European monks created only with their voices. The chants reportedly create vibrations that feed and uplift brain energy.

Remember to Breathe: When stressed or upset, we tend to breathe shallowly. The largest percentage of our oxygen rests in the bottom of our lungs and a deep breath will transport it to our brain. Shallow breaths send a panic signal to our brain that it’s not getting enough oxygen, causing us to continue taking in short, shallow breaths. So, it’s a gerbil wheel until we take even one nice, deep breath. A nice, cleansing deep breath can bring us right into the safe and present “Now”.

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