Sticky Situation: Tipsy on Arrival

Have you ever had guests get a little too relaxed prior to a waxing service?



The Situation: “We’ve had clients come in already intoxicated for bikini waxing services,” shares Julie Puccio, owner of Houston’s Bella Nova Day Spa and Salon. “I didn’t serve them the alcohol, so it hasn’t been my liability, but it’s still an issue.”

The Solution: “I recently said to this woman, ‘I know you were nervous about your Brazilian wax, but I think you got too relaxed before you got here. Can you have your husband pick you up after your service, or can I call you a taxi or a car service?’ We would add that to their bill. I also offered her water or tea,” says Puccio, adding, “Sometimes lying is necessary. If she had asked for a mimosa, I would’ve told her we were out that day, or watered down her drink.”

What would you have done? Please sound off below in the comment field. Have you had a similar experience? Got a sticky situation to share? Email your spa horror story to!

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