Sticky Situation: The Gender Dilemma

Your client books a male therapist, then changes her mind at the last minute. What do you do?



The Situation: “Sometimes a client will be scheduled with a male therapist but, decides she would prefer a woman,” says Summer Langhorne, general manager of milk + honey in Austin, Texas. “It often happens when they book online and or when someone books an appointment on a client’s behalf.”

The Solution: “We always want to accommodate clients and make them feel as comfortable as possible,” says Langhorne. “First, we check the books to see if we are able to easily switch therapists. If another therapist is not available, we offer alternative times. We also attempt to salvage the appointment by explaining the male therapist’s credentials or explain our draping techniques, as some guests think they’re going to be naked on the treatment table. Often they stay with the male therapist or opt for another type of service. When that fails, we simply rebook them.”

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