Herbal Health: The Essence of Spa

Essential oils are a spa’s lifeblood, so make sure you’re getting the real thing.

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It’s impossible to imagine the spa world today without products derived from botanical life, most notably essential oils. For their therapeutic and aromatic values, these undiluted substances extracted directly from botanicals are the most versatile way in which we draw plants into the spa experience.

Essential oils provide their benefits in concentrated doses. We rely on their healing and aromatherapeutic properties, which are delivered via skincare products and treatments, massage, energy work, steam and hydrotherapy treatments and, of course, the very air we breathe. Deeply.

As a spa professional, you’re no doubt well versed in identifying the types of essential oil your client needs most, be it calming lavender, refreshing and invigorating citrus, or restorative wood-based varieties. But how much do you know about the oils you use? Do you know how they were manufactured, and their precise levels of purity and quality?

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