A Few Good Mentors

Mentor-mentee relationships are a sure way to elevate not only your business, but the spa industry in general.

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Despite the spa industry’s speedy evolution and technological advancements, there’s one important element that will never become obsolete: mentoring. Last year, the Global Spa & Wellness Summit appointed a special subcommittee, the Global Spa Management Education Task Force (GSMETF), in an effort to promote mentoring on an industry-wide level.

The most compelling component of the GSMETF’s report was the results of a non-scientific poll the group conducted with more than 500 spa managers: 94% of respondents believe that having a mentor is either “important” or “very important”, and 26% of them said they wish they had received more mentoring while learning the ropes. Clearly, there’s a large portion of spa professionals–even among those who eventually rose to management positions–who felt underserved from a mentorship perspective.

Take a closer look at the key role of the mentor-mentee relationship, and how the spa industry can do more to optimize this phenomenon in the DAYSPA September Digital Edition.

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