Pre-Wedding Spa Treatments for Grooms

[Image: Getty Images][Image: Getty Images]These pre-wedding service packages ensure that at least some eyes are on the guys come the big day.

The Perfect Groom Package (120 min./ $180) at Alleviating Whispering Waters Day Spa in San Diego features a deep-tissue massage, facial and back wax. “On the wedding day, everyone is looking at the bride, but she is looking at the groom, so he needs to be perfect too,” says manager Lizbeth Soto. However, she emphasizes, it’s essential that the gent feels good as well. “Men also get stressed in the buildup to the big day, so massage is important—we use hot stones, so it’s nice and relaxing,” she adds. Guests are served a glass of champagne or beer before the treatment starts, and all pampering is performed in private. “They start to unwind immediately!” reports Soto. This treatment combo has proved so popular that the spa is about to add others to its menu, including a Husband- & Wife-To-Be Package.

Chicago’s Salon Echo hosts a Groom’s or Bride’s Prep Package (90-240 min./$215), which incorporates a custom facial with foot soak, body polish, massage, brow grooming and manicure. But with a diverse clientele— including lots of same-sex couples— the spa also provides the option to customize. “We’ll make suggestions, but guests can create their own menu and we’ll take 20% off the regular cost of the services,” says owner Maria Sigman. “These packages are a great way for spas to reach an under serviced clientele and leave the groom feeling as important as the bride on this special occasion,” she adds. “Besides, women often want their partners to appear polished, but can find it hard to broach the subject. This is a way of addressing that concern. Plus, in my experience, men can be as vain as women, if not more so!” she quips.

As a mecca for marriages, Las Vegas is increasingly offering husbands-to-be a chance to be primped too. The Groom Essentials Package (130 min./$320) at The Mirage Spa  features a deep-tissue massage, deep cleansing facial and hot lather shave. “Traditionally, the bride gets most of the attention before the ceremony, so we wanted to extend that pampering to the groom as it’s a monumental occasion for both of them,” says manager Nicole Halverson. “Men love how their skin looks after the facial and how they feel after the massage. The relaxation benefit alone is incredibly valuable.” Halverson discloses that men of all ages enjoy the services, including guys in their 50s and 60s celebrating vow renewals. “And we get guests from all around the world: we just had a groom from Ireland book the package and he loved it!” she adds.

–by Lesley McCave

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