inHarmony Practitioner Augments Bodywork and Hands-on Modalities with Vibration Therapy

In Harmony Practitioner

inHarmony Practitioner is designed specifically to augment bodywork and hands-on modalities with vibration therapy. It creates a deeply centering mind-body experience using vibrotactile stimulation and vibroacoustic sound. It is easily portable, allowing guests to bring the therapeutic power of sound and vibration wherever they go, thanks to its folding design. The cover can be cleaned with a mild cleanser, essential oils or mild soap and water.

inHarmony Practioner Features:

  • Practitioner Pad (fits on top of massage table, not included)
  • Practitioner Amplifier + Power Cable
  • Headphone Amplifier + Power Cable
  • Connector Cable
  • Input Cale
  • Phone Dongle
  • Bag with wheels and bolster

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