Hot Products: SpaRitual’s Drift



A peaceful day at the beach, toes in the sand and listening to the sound of waves, is about as relaxing as it gets. Sparitual’s Drift collection will instantly transport your mind to calm days by the sea. SpaRitual founder Shel Pink says, “The Drift Collection is a reflection of the effortless, ethereal essence of those golden summer months”.

Drift features colors found in the frosted, semi-translucent pale greens and blues of sea glass. Multi-dimensional when layered, they catch the light just like in the shallow waters of the ocean. Additional colors mimic the sun-bleached hues of shells, coral, sand and the treasures found in the fleeting mirror of tide pools.

The lineup: Buoyant (peach crème), Barefoot (sand shimmer), Blue Lagoon (ocean blue crème), Sea Glass (green shimmer), On the Dunes (pale gold shimmer), and Low Tide (turquoise crème).

Not only that, SpaRitual has a special effect top coat to pair with them. It’s Lighthouse – which makes any shade glow in the dark.

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