One on One with Karen Asquith of G.M. Collin

Karen-Asquith-GM-Collin[Karen Asquith, National Director of Education, G.M. Collin]

Personal mantra: Never say ‘never.’ Never say ‘impossible.’

Would most like to meet: Coco Chanel

Guilty pleasure: Goldfish crackers

Pet peeve: People who say something can’t be done.

Scariest thing you’ve ever done: Hang gliding—an amazing rush!

Can’t leave the house without: Lipstick

Last good film you saw: The Pursuit of Happiness—it’s from 2006, but I love it.

Favorite food: Salads and veggies—the more the better.

Favorite city: Paris

What’s the most fun part of your job? Working at G.M. Collin, I truly enjoy teaching and motivating estheticians to reach their full potential and achieve their objectives for themselves and their spas.

What’s a common mistake you see skincare pros making? Too often, spa pros don’t even book regular skincare services for themselves. I believe that if you ‘talk the talk’ you must ‘walk the walk.’ How can we say that clients don’t come in for treatments often enough if we aren’t receiving our own regular services? When they ask about our personal skincare treatment frequency, we need to be able to answer honestly and show them we aren’t expecting them to do something that we don’t. Personally, I’ve been seeing my esthetician every other week for more than 30 years. Prior to that, it was once per month beginning when I was 18. I get facials, manicures, pedicures, waxing and endermology. It’s all part of a healthy lifestyle.

What would you cross off your to-do list? I may be taking a different slant on this question, but what I’d like to cross off is my constant need for perfection. It would certainly allow me to get through the list quicker.

How do you unwind? I love being active, so tennis, golf, biking, classes at the gym, cleaning and organizing my house—any of those work for me. I also love to cook, so hosting dinner parties is also a big part of my ‘relaxing’ DNA.

How do you motivate others? I help them realize the gifts they have and how to hone their skills to reach their goals. People can easily fall prey to fear and a lack of self-confidence; many compare themselves to others and think they’re not up to the same level. My goal is to allow everyone to value their uniqueness and make it work for them.

What’s on your bucket list? There are a few places I want to visit and photograph the wildlife: The Galapagos Islands, Africa and Australia’s Great Barrier Reef are all on my list. I’d also like to work more with the charity I set up in memory of my late husband, who was an artist; it funds art classes for foster children. Lastly, I would like to write a book. As you can see with all the items on my list, I’m planning to live a long, long life!

Who inspires you? Those with clear, structured goals; a plan to back them up; and the integrity to stick to them.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you. There are two: I sang in a band when I was younger, and I make preserves. I have a fruit cellar in my house with lovely jars full of my homemade concoctions.

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