One on One With Becky Beall of FarmHouse Fresh

Becky-Beall-farmhouse-fresh[Becky Beall, Educator & Sales Ambassador/Medical Esthetician, FarmHouse Fresh]Personal mantra: I aspire to be a giver of love, good vibes and strength!

Would most like to meet: Carrie Bradshaw (after she stopped smoking)

Guilty pleasure: Tacos and tequila

Pet peeve: Bad breath #mints

Favorite city: Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Last good book you read: Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis

Scariest thing you’ve ever done: Cliff jumping. Up next: skydiving.

Can’t leave the house without: iPhone

Favorite food: Pizza

What makes your company unique? FarmHouse Fresh grows many of its own ingredients with a focus on sustainable methods. We even have a network of farmers, and I love that I can say we’re made in the U.S.—and vendors love it too! Plus, every purchase helps support our charitable mission. In fact, the company’s headquarters in McKinney, Texas, is not only a place where we dream, develop and assemble products, but it also doubles as an animal rescue sanctuary, in which farm animals that have been neglected or abandoned are lovingly cared for and can safely live out their lives, happily ever after!

What’s a common skincare mistake you see clients making? Skipping SPF! This one single change will save someone a ton of money on expensive corrective lasers and possibly save their life. The damage I see from UV rays is shocking! Tell your clients that if they want to keep the skin they have right now, they have to wear their sunscreen every day.

What’s the most challenging part of your job? Implementing work/life balance practices. I love every aspect of my job, from traveling and visiting the most beautiful spas in the country to meeting and educating all of the amazing therapists out there. I often train all week and work spa events on the weekend. I rarely feel like I’m working, which is great, but this often cuts into family time, social engagements and personal pursuits. I’m not striving for perfect—just better.

Who or what inspires you? I’m inspired by anyone struggling in some way or another who chooses to get up every morning and try again. You’re the real winners! #nevergiveup

What are the brand’s hero products? It depends on what you’re trying to achieve, but most of our products are multifunctional, which makes them all warriors! Our No. 1 best-selling body hero is Honey Heel Glaze, which is packed with papaya and pineapple enzymes that exfoliate dead skin, plus Texas wildflower honey that heals and moisturizes. If you have dry, crusty feet then this is your new BFF! I refuse to get a pedicure without it. Our face hero is the new Finely Awake Plantfoliant Silkening Face Cleansing Polish. It has five unique natural exfoliants that gently refine, refresh and clean the skin for a complexion that looks and feels amazing.

What’s your favorite part of the day? I’m a morning person, so I love waking up next to my husband and our two French bulldogs, Louie and Lola. I look at them and feel grateful to be alive—to breath, to think, to enjoy, to love!

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in the spa industry? Be patient and persistent, and focus on your ROI. You must continue to invest in yourself: Stay on top of your continuing education, inventive procedures and new products. Find a mentor and be a sponge. Get spa treatments yourself so you know the difference between good and bad. Start your day early, stay late and follow up with your clients. Keep your hustle strong.

Tell us about your hobbies. I love being close to water. It doesn’t matter where: on the beach, in my pool or on a boat cruising with friends. It renews my soul. I like to think I’m part mermaid.

Of all the company’s charitable efforts, which one stands out in your mind? Last Christmas, FarmHouse Fresh used funds from product purchases to adopt a whole family of donkeys that was just minutes away from slaughter. It was a rollercoaster of sweat and tears to nurse this family back to health. We nearly lost the mama donkey, but thanks to veterinary care and lots of love, the entire family is now thriving. And what farm isn’t complete without a Willy (Nelson), Brooks (and Dunn), and Dolly (Parton) as part of the ‘farm-ily?’

What’s your favorite thing to do with your family? Order up Uber Eats and binge watch Netflix while snuggled up on the couch with my hubby, Louie and Lola. We snuggle so tight that we like to call it a ‘French Burrito!’

What’s in the pipeline for the company? We’re expanding our growing operations through our farmers. We’re very excited to keep launching new products for our spa partners that focus on sustainably grown, results-oriented botanical extracts. Just wait until you see the product launches in the next year!

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