Nufree Contest Giveaway


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Little One 6 oz. Servicenter Kit

Perfect for use on small area hair removal! Kit includes everything you need for wax-free, sugar free, self preserving antibacterial & antimicrobial, soya based hair removal.


6 oz. Heater with vented lid 

(2) 6 oz. Jars Nufree Nudesse

(1) Erasing Lotion 1 oz. 

(1 pk.) Epilating Strips 100-ct.

finipil pro/elec packets 3.6 ml.

(1 pk.) Shorty Body Applicators 20-ct.

(1 pk.) Eyebrow Applicators 20-ct.


Undress their Skin with Nufree 4 Men Only

Men want sexy, smooth body skin but don’t want to deal with the pain associated with hair removal. Nufree 4 Men is a non-wax hair removal process that can remove hair on almost any part of the male body. It’s safe, fast, easy, and their’s no redness, swelling, or discomfort. 


(1) 8oz. heater

(2) 8oz. jars Nufree 4 Men Only

(1) 8oz. finipil 4 Men Only

(1) 1oz. Nufree 4 Men Only Erasing Lotion

(1) Pack Strips 100ct. 

(1) Pack Eyebrow Applicators 20pk.

(1) Pack Body Applicators 40pk.


Equisolve – Equifect 256 Disinfection Station 

Equibal Labs two-part station cleans and disinfects in minutes! Completely removes Nufree hair removal from stainless steel reusable applicators! 

Equifect 256 is a registered EPA hospital grade fungicide and virucide cleaner! It is highly concentrate and must be pre-mixed! 16oz. of Equifect 256 makes 32 gallons of disinfectant! Stainless steel applicators also help you apply a thin layer of Nufree hair remover which saves you money! Save a tree and money by using reusable stainless steel applicators!


(1) Warmer, 

(2) Stainless steel body applicators 

(2) Stainless steel eyebrow applicators 

(1) 16oz. Equisolve Cleaner

(1) 16oz. Equifect 256 Disinfectant (Highly concentrated and must be diluted. 1/2 once to 1 gallon water)

(1) Tong (for removing applicators from cleaner solutions)


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Nufree Contest Giveaway - May, 2018
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