Sticky Situation: Extra Extractions

What do you do when 60 minutes is not enough for a facial?



The Situation: “We have an esthetician who is phenomenal and has an almost cult-like following,” says Bruce Schoenberg, president of Oasis Day Spas in New York City and Westchester, N.Y. “But she’ll get in there, start extractions and the next thing you know a 60-minute facial turns into 90 minutes because the client just needed more extractions. Now, this extra 30 minutes could make the esthetician late for their next appointment.”

The Solution: “When situations like this arise, we advise the esthetician to say, ‘You have a lot of congestion here and I think we either need to upgrade you from a 60-minute facial to 90 minutes, or we need to schedule you to come in for an additional treatment’,” says Christie Lavigne, skincare director at Oasis. “The therapist should check with the manager on duty to see if she and the client have time to go the extra time and if they don’t, she should definitely try for the second option.”

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