Spa Wellness: Cell-ing Points

Learn the true science behind some common myths surrounding stem cell use in skincare products.



The power of active compounds from plants as healing and protective agents is a universal concept; even today, the World Health Organization estimates that about 80% of the world’s population still uses medicinal plants as its primary source of medicine. The real challenge has been gaining access to those active compounds via traditional cultivation, a process that requires large amounts of time and resources.

Take echinacoside, the active compound in the well-known herb echinacea: according to Sonia Dawson, marketing manager for cosmetic ingredient developer IRB By Sederma (, to deliver a yield of 1 kilogram of echinacoside requires a three-year soil cultivation on more than 1,100 square meters of land – and more than 1,300 tons of water to care for that land – before the roots can be collected.

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