Profit Center: You’ve Got Nails

Dip your hand into the nail art boom for profit and promotion.

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past decade, you’ll have noticed that nail art is becoming huge business in spas and salons across the country. Designs that were once relegated to a pinkie for the holidays or a big toe during flip-flop season are now permanent fixtures on hands (and feet) year-round.

“Sweater prints, marbling, abstract art and Swarovski crystals — I’ve never seen nail art as popular as it is right now, and I’ve been doing nails for 30 years,” says Vicki Ornellas, trainer at Polished Perfect in Costa Mesa, California, and an American International Industries global educator. Ornellas says this nail art boom is a sign of the times. “More nail artists are broadening their areas of expertise, and more employers are embracing the phenomenon,” she offers. Plus, there’s the social factor: Clients can’t wait to wow their Facebook and Instagram buddies with their fancy new fingers — and don’t think twice about spending upward of $70 to do so.

Suspect your spa isn’t a fit? You’d be surprised: Even the most high-end, buttoned-up facilities have room for nail art in their services, say the experts. So, if you want to open the door to more clients, creativity — and, of course, profits — read on to find out what you’ll need.

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