Profit Center: Decor on a Dollar

Transform the look and feel of your spa with minimal investment and maximal imagination.

Lamar Reception Desk After Small
Nothing compares to the thrill of showing off your newly remodeled spa space. But for many day spa operators, the costs associated with a true remodel are just too high to even think about. In such cases, it’s important to figure out the best ways to spend those precious dollars.

Michele Pelafas, principal designer and artistic director at Michele Pelafas, Inc., suggests that spa owners on tight budgets concentrate on small and special details that lead to enhanced customer experiences. “You might focus your energies on the retail environment, including free-standing retail display tables, for the highest return on your investment,” she says. “Or perhaps you can zero in on the areas that aren’t currently working for you or that need improvement—if massage appointments are down, warm up your body therapy room.”

Fortunately, by employing just a few simple changes, it is possible to achieve a decorative upgrade with very little financial investment. Here are some of the creative decor suggestions from people in the know.

Click here to read the full Profit Center column in DAYSPA‘s December design issue.

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