Linder Health's Hero Peel Fades Discoloration & Optimizes Skin Cell Function

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Linder Health's Hero Peel reduces fine lines and wrinkles, resurfaces and smooths texture, and fades all forms of discoloration including skin yellowing, dark spots and redness. The advanced treatment is formulated for any skin type and concern.

The next-generation chemical peel is a go-to treatment to optimize skin cell function and comprehensively treat any skin concern and skin type without inflammation. The unique acid blend targets senescent cells, the underlying cause of skin damage.

Linder Health's collection of peels was born from the brand's commitment to long-term skin health and healthy aging. Their chemists have developed peel treatments for all skin types and concerns that aid in kick-starting healthy cellular metabolism, optimize skin cell function and provide the same exfoliation and desquamation benefits of traditional peels, with less inflammation.

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